Benefits of Essential Oil as an alternative therapy

My 20 year old son has this illness and really enjoys his head and back being massaged. I have been using Lavender at bedtime and Frankincense when his back and legs are hurting, or he is coughing from excessive smoking. His meds have been changed so he doesn’t have this side effect anymore. I am getting my certification in Aromatherapy because I really believe in these natural products and their benefits. Has anyone else tried essential oils either in massage oils, inhalers, diffusers, or roll-ons? And what were the results? I am interested in developing a range of products targeting support of schizophrenia symptoms and medication side-effects

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I have used lavender oil and rose oil. I don’t know the word for the thing I use it with…I burn a candle underneath some diluted oil and it gives off its smell in my living room. It doesn’t have any clear effects, but I do think there is a subtle effect. I think it makes me feel a bit more relaxed/at peace/at home.

Awesome! Lavender is a great oil for calming and Rose is very powerful for grounding and balance. You are using a diffuser. They make electric ones also now.