Who uses lavender oil?


I think if does well at reducing some of my symptoms such as delusions, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression. I was wondering if anyone else tried it before.


I’ve never drunk it. But I do put it on my wrist as perfume


Don’t know about that, but my gran had an aroma of it. :smiley:


I don’t drink it either but I do but it on my temples and it seems to help.


I use it everyday. It calms me down and it helps me get to sleep at night. It’s one of my favorite oils. :slight_smile:


I don’t even know if you can drink it


I know its great. Still need meds though but there should be a study to see if it reduces the use of psychotropic drugs.


My cousin says yes but I really don’t know.




I put it in my bath and it’s relaxing and calming and lifts mood


Too bad I don’t live in South Africa that is what the site says.


I should try it like that I bet it feels good.


I love lavender, my powder is lavender and sometimes my bubble bath or epsom salts.

Right now I have a boxed set of botanical essential oil blends called the Seven Virtues from JCPenney.com. It’s vegan and ethically sourced and you blend them anyway you want so you can have a different experience each time. The scents are: orange blossom, rose amber,vetiver elemi, grapefruit lime, patchouli citrus, jasmine neroli and vanilla woods.

It really lifts the spirits, You just reminded me to put some on


I should try that.


I have lavender deoderant lol


Wow, its so nice hearing so many of you experimenting on essential oils. I have lavender, rose and sandalwood oils. I like each of them but don’t use it very often. I think essential oils are stronger than perfumes. They are too powerful for me.


I burn lavender oil in a candle burner at night when hubby or me can’t sleep or need to relax.