Do you burn essential oils for aromaterapy

I am new to this oils, i bought sage and lavender. Down the block there is a vitamin shop, the consultant recoment me sage for stress,

Which do you use?

I don’t use essential oils, but I’ve just started burning incense. I find it really relaxing

Once I bought a lot of essential oils and found fun in them. But I stopped experimenting on it because someone told me all the fragrance will be absorbed by your blood and will be excreted through your kidney. I don’t like the idea that my kidney is busy filtering the fragrance.

Sometimes I put lavender oil on a cloth by my pillow for sleeping or a couple of drops in a dish of water on a heater. Makes the room smell nice and is supposed to help with sleep.

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i sometimes use califonia white sage.
it apperently cleanses your house from negativity.
use whole dried leafs and branches, so i burn them in a bowl
yet you can also use a big sea shell

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I used to burn incense in my room when I was like 13-14 because there was this funky hippy store down the street that sold it. I felt bad as they having noticed I was into ska ordered a whole bunch of ska merchandise and I only ever had the money for some incense and maybe a patch or a pin for my jacket.

I burn scented candles. Burning oils kind of scares me and incense is too pungent. I like rose and orange blossom right now.

I like burning lavender oil sometimes to help me and my husband relax before bedtime

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Me too, I like candles

Funny story. I bought some incense sticks when I was in college. I lit one in my dorm, but didn’t smell anything. Apparently, my sense of smell was as bad as it is now, because I didn’t smell anything. So I lit 3. Still nothing. I figured “maybe they just don’t work well”. So I lit the entire box full. 5 minutes later, I could smell! I was literally gagging on incense. tears like I was being gassed. Needlesstosay, I had to hang outside my dorm for the next hour…I had the fan on and everything. Later after lunch, my friends wanted to go through my dorm to get to theirs(because it’s faster). I gave them a warning, but they shrugged and I opened the door and they stepped in. 2 seconds later, screams from inside “OMG” “WTF” “GET OUT GET OUT” :laughing: I was rolling.

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I spray Febrese when the apartment starts to get funky but other than that nothing.

I burn incense, I have a really nice stone burner that has leaves carved into it. In fact, I’m gonna light up a stick now, I was just dancing in my room and it smells a little funky in here from the sweat.

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The reason I don’t light incense is the same reason I don’t light candles, because I have a thing about fire hazards.

lemongrass is my favorite. neroli is also good. the place where i used to work claimed vetiver was good for schizophrenia.

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