Benefit calculator and disability benefits I receive

Thanks @GEDchill. I don’t qualify because I’m married and they count my husband income too. He’s on disability and gets like $20,000 a year. They don’t lets us count our kids because one is too old, and my stepdaughters mom keeps claiming her even though we’re supposed to be able to claim her since she’s with us much more than her mom. But the gvt doesn’t care and won’t let us do it. So we’re quite broke

I’ve only done fast food and retail jobs, so that’s mainly why, and j was in college so 99% of the time I was part time. I live in Indiana and the cost of living is pretty cheap in my area but with everything I doubt I’ll be able to live on my own. Which is heart breaking

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Anybody living in your house should count. That makes four people. It sounds like you and your husband make 28k or less. That means you should qualify.

Wow. I’m so sorry…

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Holy crap I wouldn’t worry about work if I made that much off disability. However, I wouldn’t be able to make more than 9,000 dollars a year with what I can currently get, so work it is

We applied and don’t qualify

For me about $6200 goes on rent .

I get a council tax discount too @firemonkey its a good discount

After taking Medicare taken out I get $840 a month. I make less than 11k a year, worked for years but as a kid didn’t count they told me, even though a full year at 17 was 40-50 hours a week while in high school.

Then I was let go of my hospital kitchen aide job after 9 months, which 2 weeks of that was maternity leave (I had no time to take, so had to go back 2 weeks postvpartum) and got fired when I went to psych ward for post partum psychosis when baby was 6 months old.

Then I worked for 9 months in 2008 for USPS. I filed for SSDI right on Dec 31st 2008, my last day of work. I had been told not to try to work after the PPS, but money was tight.

So I got SSDI for not the full credits.

Dont think it’s that easy. I don’t get anything , have to pay for my meds.

No where near that. I get subsidized meds and my shrink bulk bills so no outlay there. Still. I do ok on the pension. I can save enough and still have some fun. Hard on big bills like the car but I keep my head above water.

Over here it’s becoming increasingly hard to get on the disability pension. I feel for those younger sufferers because it’s a big stress reliever not having to worry about work.

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@anon80629714 how much do you pay for meds though? Before I got Mr. Star’s insurance, I was paying roughly $350 per month.

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My VA disability is about $38,000 per year. My SSDI was about $28,000 but I don’t get that anymore.

Im in the UK. I get £6000 a year. Its not enough to live off. I can just about pay my parents a small amount of rent and do most of what I want to do with that money. But its no where enough to cover living on my own. I do get free prescriptions. I used to get free local transport but the tories saw the end to that.

There’s another benefit I’ve tried to sign up for (PIP) but I’ve been rejected twice and have put off trying for a third time for a long while. I was hoping we’d get a labour government that would amend the decision making process but alas - it’s not to be.

I pay £110 or so a yearly subscription to meds. I get as much as I want on ‘that so I thought it works out cheaper. 350$ ? Yikes!!!

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