Ben Carson on Antipsychotics

I just observe him in interviews and come to that conclusion.

Maybe an anti-depressant, but certainly not anti-psychotic. There’s no way he’d be able to perform at that high of a level of importance in society on anti-psychotics.

I know this is an old thread, but actually, I agree. His behavior, demeanor, slow movement and sort of abnormal body language make it really seem likely. On top of that, he was appararently a violent, reckless, hyper teen. If half the things he says about his past are true, I think it’s at least somewhat likely he’s taking antipsychotics for mood stabilization/violent tendencies. I’d have to disagree with mistercollie that he’s too high-functioning to be on antipsychotics. For one, there are plenty of extremely high-functioning people taking antipsychotics. It’s really insane how widely they are prescribed. I believe zyprexa was lilly’s most sold drug at one point - if i’m remembering that wrong, it was at least their most profitable. There are high functioning people taking antipsychotics that we don’t know about. And it really depends on the person, and the particular antipsychotic. I’d also argue he’s not very functional at all as a presidential candidate and really struggles verbally responding to people and stringing sentences together. He’s apparently a brilliant brain surgeon, but that can be explained in plenty of ways, one possible example being that he received his education before starting his prescription, or even started taking it early on in his education. Beyond that he’d have a foundation of knowledge, and muscle memory isn’t that demanding on the frontal lobe. It’s just a hypothesis, but I don’t at all think it’s unlikely, especially with consideration to his past violent tendencies in contrast with his current sloth-like demeanor.

Now Rubio on the other hand… That dude is on adderall, no question. Hyperfocused, always has a dry mouth, and sweat pouring down his face in tonights debate. The difference is I think Carson has a legitimate need while Rubio is using adderall ambitiously.

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