The real Dr. Breggin

Look closely. I knew I’d seen him somewhere before. Here’s the guy we’re listening to speak out against medication.

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is this supposed to be shocking?



I was actually going more for irony.

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are we here to control what people think.
open minds.

Then I can post articles proving eating ostrich eggs will cure insomnia and gout?

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nobody really knows, Nick, they’re just putting it out there.

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Yeah, I get it. Except there seems to be overwhelming evidence on the effectiveness of psychiatric medications. I’m all for free speech.


Y’all, I’ve done 3 MRAs so far and none of them showed brain atrophy. And yes, I would likely do more in the future. The only thing possible for me right now is atrophy of the corpus callosum, which is not even due to psychotic depression OR antipsychotics. And I’ve been on meds for 13 years now.

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