I'm being yelled at

Probably hanging out with my baby sweet little Bella. She’s curled up next to me. I love my pretty girl. I’m crying off and on. Idk how to rid of it anymore. I hope y’all have a goodnight. Quasall


Who’s yelling at you?

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People across the way. Joe this job that I’m gonna go find my tree and turn neon.

Thanks. I hope you have a better night as well :bear::bear::bear:

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I’m glad you have a cat to snuggle for company! My cat years ago was a pleasure to have, he was great company too!

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Aww. Yeah they are good kit cats. I heard Bella breathing weird. She may have congestion

Can someone talk to me I’m scared.

Physically or mentally?

Mentally he’s supposed to talk telemed at 1:30pm

Feeling better this morning?

So so how about you. Got told I was fake. Idk what that means. Did you have breakfast

I got a little good news this morning and ate an OK breakfast. Got some serious things I have to do today. No crisis’s though.

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I don’t know about the fake either but can you go for a walk and get some fresh air? Maybe treat yourself to a good lunch?

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I thought about cycling but people here can’t drive. Put down your phone please. Well have a good day quasall.

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OK, try to distract yourself to get some relief from your problems. Even housework can be relaxing sometimes. Good luck.

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Ignore. That’s it.


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