Why aren't we allowed to discuss religion

it is possible to change the guidelines?


It triggers a lot of people with religious delusions,

Like me.

I’m also Jewish, but I don’t involve myself in any religion anymore for my own sanity’s sake and sometimes the stuff you post bothers me.

Its best that we just not bring it up at all.


In one study 40% of all schizophrenics have religious based delusions, it’s a very common theme with schizophrenia etc.
And should be addressed on this topic if any.

The reason why for this is, and I think the site does not wish to pertain to religious discussion (other then this just being a support form for this life debilitating illness), is that with schizophrenia it is not actually practical wisdom and teachings, inherit reason:

It is rather becomes within their bounds of delusions and overactive imaginary scope of the world and function, and is a premise from their illness and imagination of mind,
And takes them away from the reality of the actual thought disorder they have.

And that is what happens Rather then religion taken from a soundminded bases of information,

recognizing the reality of your illness/symptoms is a real focus of recovery. It is the real why and the full extent of hallucinations delusions etc.

We talk about conspiracy’s how’s that not a trigger for people. Don’t really see a difference. Can’t we avoid subjects that trigger us


I understand what you’re saying,

But religion in particular is an upsetting issue,

Everyone has strong feelings about it and its a very personal issue.

If you have a religious delusion, you are free to talk about it, I’ve posted questions about religious delusions on several occasions, you just can’t talk about your religion being superior like this poster has.

And you can’t recommend religion as an alternative to medication or therapy.

It has to be in the context of delusion or experience of sorts.


Maybe we could do group PM’s on religious topics I would be in for that. All the people that enjoy. Religious conversation could join. Is that possible?

I suppose,

You’d have to talk to a moderator,

But I don’t see a problem is only people who want to be involved can see it.

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previous post is why! No offence. It’s dangerous to symptomatic individuals in insidious ways!


We shouldn’t be talking about conspiracies, either, and we shut down threads that are just people wanting to prattle on about whatever conspiracy they believe in. If we’ve missed something, flag it.

We do allow people who are trying to combat delusions to ask for help, but not to indulge or try to convince people of their unusual beliefs.


Religion and politics are two subjects that shouldn’t be discussed. Both are massively triggering. People who were the best of friends can suddenly become acrimonious. We have skirted on both subjects before, and people were getting testy. It’s not worth it to discuss either subject.


Really isn’t flagging like that just showing that someone is being uncontrolled/responsive/unreasonable?

It was said before on this forum that religion was okay if it was helpful/healing to the person, wasn’t it?

All subjects can be triggering to everyone anywhere. Should everyone just cease talking and we continue to go on trying to force people to “get along” while they have tensions riding underneath?

I think there’s some kind of term for that.

But its silly to me, when people should just be shown how to get along rather than thinking blind authority will get the job done.

Haven’t seen it work in a home and I don’t see why it would work anywhere else.

Oh well, just keep sweeping crap under a rug and continue to contribute to the idea that people are not capable of reasoned discourse. That’ll help!

You’ll always be my favorite forum civil libertarian :blue_heart:

Most flags come when someone is unaware of a rule, not when someone is deliberately breaking a rule. They’re really no big deal, just a heads up for someone that there’s an issue. Pretty much everyone has had one or two, at least. (I’ve had more.)

I have no desire to outlaw everything anyone might get destabilized by. But we’ve identified a few categories from experience that many people do get destabilized by. After a while, you just get sick of seeing people getting hurt and losing progress when they come here - it’s not what we’re here for.

It’s just the harm principle in action - don’t bring germs into the ICU, don’t speed where children are playing, don’t rhapsodize about mixed drinks at AA. There are other forums for that.

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We can always discuss the supremacy of the almighty spaghetti monster over the almighty potato king or vice versa :wink:


As long as it’s about helping someone battling with religious delusions, it’s ok. Same goes for conspiracies.

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I find religion triggering. I believe in God but I do not, never, ever go around asking other people to do the same. People should have freedom of choice to do as they see it and whatever is right for them. That is so important.


Besides the delusions and the intrusive thoughts many people with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder have an abnormal and pathological interest/obsession in religion and paranormal things.

It was one of the first symptoms I had and therefore it is better to not fuel these obsessions.