(Poll) what do you think?


Before i say this, yes I understand religion creates problems with delusional people as well as arguements.

Do you think this site might be a tad rough on people that discuss religion or religious experiences?


No. I think it’s handled well. It creates too much drama and isn’t good for a lot of people struggling.

I tend to think there’s a lot that is gotten away with here these days especially when it comes to unusual beliefs and supplements. The jury is still out on both subjects as far as I’m concerned. Both push the boundaries of hindering rather than helping peeps most time.


I get what you’re saying. I agree, I think it bothers me to see people shamed at times for their faith.


No one is shamed for their faith. It’s only asked that you don’t discuss it unless the discussion is recovery-oriented (ex. helping someone overcoming a delusion about being Jesus).


I don’t see the harm in discussing supplements so long as they are indeed supplementing one’s prescribed treatment rather than replacing one’s treatment. Also, your treatment team needs to know at all times what supplements you’re taking.


Also this isn’t a poll.


I forgot to have someone make it a poll for me


I think it’s a little rough in that some of my “delusions” coincide with a rational belief in God, and if there was a section where religious stuff could be posted it might be helpful to talk it through with other people with a faith


That’s true. Butyou have to also realize that alot of people think anything to dowith religion or faith is delusional. That’swhy it’s good to be part of a church or a support group that supports your beliefs that are fundamentally sound and discourages the ones that may not be very healthy.

On this site you’re going to be discouraged to believe or discuss any of them.

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We do not discourage religious beliefs. I’m aware that you would like to talk about your beliefs, but there are many other places where you can do so.


Religious discussions make me angry when someone is crediting something else for headway made by the person. My progress is from hard work not divine intervention. I get so angry over this that I get the shakes.


you cant discuss any beliefs here, we are supposed to be mindless monkies who need to conform to the collective


Not correct.
Lobotomies are optional.


encouraged more like lol