Beings inside me

I think of switching aps because of my erectile dysfunction. I may find a med that will not cause sexual problems.


I think they are all risperidone, which ap will you try? :slight_smile:

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Give it time. It sounds like the pdoc is tweaking your meds. Time will tell if it works or not.

I wanna try abilify.

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Thank you for the replies, everyone. I’ll try to wait for the Risperdal to kick in.


You’re not helping my delusional state by telling me I have more things wrong with me.

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I have the same issue because I worked with the occult when I was younger. I guarantee you the voices are not actual beings. Just parts of your subconscious. Just keep taking your meds man.

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Thank you for the reply. That makes sense, it’s just hard to battle what feels true versus what’s rational.

I understand. I’m still being diagnosed because of all the mixups in identifying my symptoms. Sometimes you just have to ride things through til the end.

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