My inner voice

i have felt for 2 years that brain scientists are talking to my brain and controlling me. Now I think it may be another personality. Maybe even the ‘main’ personality with me being the ‘alter’. Today, when I was at school, my inner voice clearly said twice “I am in control of my own brain.” That may sound funny since I am MI but it came from either brain scientists or another (more gifted) version of me. I did not come from me. I am really confused. I don’t know if it’s “her” or “them” talking to me, putting thoughts in my head and controlling me.

I have to change therapists and pdocs due to the fact that I am going from Medicaid to Medicare June 1. My current place doesn’t take Medicare. Once I get moved, i may ask about changing meds.

You shouldn’t worry, there aren’t any scientists doing anything to you. It would take a lot of funding and a lot of effort, lol.


I know. Makes no logical sense to think the whole world is in on it. So much money and effort and for what? Sheesh. I am so crazy.


Yeah that’s the thing about this illness, it doesn’t make sense.


I am not sure if this is funny or sad :smiley:

Hope you get well!!!

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