Being the Boss!

So been slaving away with my volunteering. It’s not so bad and managing my time so I’m not down the club everyday and it’s not such a burden on me or my life…

Been getting some youngsters to come help me and been doing ok with it. Cricket pitch preparation is really an art and I’ve had all the groundwork but it’s new to me being in charge and making the decisions. I’m learning how better to use the help I get and make it attractive to those who are helping. It’s going well but it’s tiring keeping others occupied and keeping them motivated…still. Any help is good help.

With the old boy being out of action there’s basically me responsible for the wicket and it’s a big deal. We don’t get on or the pitch is shite then everyone complains. You have to have a pretty thick skin but I’m trusting my training and experience and I’ve learned that everyone complains anyways :slight_smile:

Here’s my latest work! It’s not too bad and I’m happier this week than last!


I certainly am amazed at all you do rogue…you and several others of the mods on here really amaze me…like ninjastar, you , mr.squirrel, yes I know he’s not a mod anymore…haha

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Glad you got some help @rogueone !

Must be hard work doing it by yourself in the heat you have over that way

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