Being someone new is a rush

so I have a strange hobby. it consists of creating a new personality and lying about who I am to people I know I’ll never meet again. hell, why not? it doesn’t matter what I say to this person. right?

for instance when I meet someone at a bar in Vegas I can be like “Yeah, my name is John, and I work at a candy factory in Tucson Arizona.” and I keep it going with more lies. I just freestyle and make it up as I go, I create this entire life that I’ve never lived before. it gets my jollies off. I don’t know why I like it so much. I’m so creative. it really makes me feel good, to be this entirely different person for a moment.

does anyone else do this? I don’t mean lying about one thing, I mean really going at it. I don’t do it to impress anyone, the life I express is usually modest. I don’t do it to get in anyone’s pants or anything. it’s just for fun for a couple of minutes.

it’s so fun.

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I’ve done it small scale. I do enjoy it.

Sometimes when it comes to strangers and such i am simply “jimi”.

But that’s nothing close to my real name

I used to love doing this back when I was psychotic. Now, I mostly just be myself. It wasn’t a lot of fun, though, making up a whole new persona.

Someone said that to lie to a schizophrenic is a terrible thing to do, as one whose grasp and hold on the world is so tenuous it can cause many problems.

Why on earth would I do that to other people, if doing it to me would be so bad? It is not noble or honest and achieves nothing but further distrust all around whether they are ill or not.

Maybe, it is not so fun after all…

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I agree with @labratmat it is not ethical to lie and causes problems.

You never really know who knows who, and worst of all, who can remember who.
The internet has made this world incredibly small, and this may make a lot of folks call you a lot more than creative, and not in a very nice way.
People aren’t as stupid you think they are.

I think some of you are taking life too seriously. how would I be hurting anyone by doing this? I’m not calling anyone stupid, and I’m not lying to get anything in return.

also I’m not doing this on the internet.

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This is exactly what my 2nd “girlfriend” did to me.
Her lies to me were utterly devastating, as they were of a highly personal nature.
She took my most vulnerable qualities and incorporated them into herself to sort of mock me, including being schizophrenic.
All she ever wanted to do was hurt me.
It carried on for 3 months, and basically made my psychosis even worse.

that’s personal.

I know.
Just sayin’.
Can’t help but be reminded of that.

did she admit that she did that to you?

This sounds therapeutic and almost freeing to me. The idea that I could be anyone at all in the eyes of the next person I meet.

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Yep, she did.
But every lie I caught her in was replaced with another one.
It was endless, and I was just a game.

“and I’m not lying to get anything in return.”

You get a buzz from it. You get pleasure from lying.

Say I’m a sz in bar in Vegas. I get my reality from those around me. I love true stories and life experience and some arsehole tells me believable stories to take me for a ride for another person’s pleasure. They do it because I am a fool. i am stupid because i believe someone. you think i am stupid for the stories you tell and you love it. You get a buzz but in reality I am stupid for believing you.

Do you believe everyone is stupid? Or that people shouldn’t be so stupid for the lies people tell? Either way the world is false and people are false because of people like you. Do you feel intellectually superior hoping that people believe your lies? Does your life become more interesting believing in your own fantasies at the expense of other’s feelings?

Time to think about your actions my friend as they have consequences.


wow, you take life way too seriously.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m an idiot.
She fooled me well more than twice.

You might be hurting yourself by becoming a pathological liar and not being able to stop.

Have you considered taking some acting classes? That might be a creative outlet for your desire to pretend to be someone else.