Being involuntarily admitted into a psych ward

I have a bad experience with my latest admission into the psych ward
My mom called the ambulance because I was “acting weirdly”
The EMT talked to me and then they took me to a local ER to wait for the ambulance because they were going to forcibly admit me

I said I didn’t want to go but then they just took me there

At the ward, they just prescribed Abilify and asked me a bunch of questions like “Do you hear voices?” I didn’t so I answered no but they still asked it later many times in random situations

I wanted to leave after a week or two there and then they said that I can’t leave because I am delusional (which was true but it felt very rude…)

Also whenever I didn’t want to take my meds they threatened me with injections

They also threatened me with a feeding tube even though I am nearly overweight… Is this normal?
So yeah in total I was in for almost 7 weeks. The doctor said the day that I got out that “It wasn’t that long time, was it?” which was honestly kinda offensive because it was a long time for me

It could have been worse. I was forced to go to mental hospital by 4 cops more than once.

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I stayed 4-6 months in one hospital stay as the psychiatrist extended my stay in court and bcz I tried escaping.

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i know it couldve been worse but this was already bad enough for my little brain

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Hospitals are not the worst place in the world. It is just boring more than anything else.


I know but it felt like I was in there for no reason and unfair etc
hope you understand my point of view

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You need to accept that you’re mentally ill.
Otherwise you’ll just get worse or never improve.

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yeah i guess but it sucks
taking meds makes me feel like im sick and inferior

Meds don’t make you inferior, they make you less inferior bcz you function better and more smart.

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It is best to be treatment compliant if you are having delusions. You will have a better experience of it. Normally measures for compliance are so they can look after people who are a lot worse off than you, but they will still try to get you treated even if you are possibly ok to look after yourself. Being new to it, things like meds seem a bit scary, but they will have an overall improvement on your life if you take them. Maybe doing research on how the meds effect you and their side effects would help you feel more comfortable about taking them.

dont APs actually worsen your negative symptoms?

Some more than others but positive symptoms makes you dumb and are much worse and dangerous than negatives.

mm I did have delusions ya but I think they weren’t that bad and didn’t need meds really you get me

also, I’ve tried to do research but all info that I have found is super pro-meds or very against them so I can’t find any reliable info :frowning:

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I wouldnt look up on meds overall, they are definetly going to help you have a better quality of life and you will have a better chance of a complete recovery, I would look up certain medications and see what side effects to expect and things like that. Basically your brain is getting overloaded with dopamine and the meds help regulate the receptors in your brain so you can think more clearly.

Thinking that your parents are trying to kill you is very dangerous and serious, much worse than negatives. I have been there, I become a criminal without my meds. You could kill your parents and/or yourself.

why would I kill them or myself? I am not suicidal or homicidal

isnt the dopamine theory disproven though?

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You said in another thread you think they’re trying to kill you.

Not really, all modern medications work by affecting the dopamine receptors in your brain.

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Yes I thought that. Dont quite get you?