How did you get admitted to a mental hospital?

Ive only been once for an overdose to cope with the voices. I’m not sure but I think I may need to go because I’m pretty psychotic. What were your experiences?

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Tell the nurses its regarding mental health. You won’t wait long unless there’s no beds available.

The psych ward is a place of healing. They monitor you there while they try/adjust meds and you wont leave until your stable.

Are you alright? Is your medicine helping?

I was at work and when I looked up at the computer screen I saw the words “kill someone”. It scared me so bad I drive to the hospital. I was admitted ten days before my 22nd bday . First time was anxiety.

For psychosis, my dr told me during our appointment he was admitting me and that if I fought it he’d call the cops on me.

All three times were mainly for medication changes. I don’t take well to changes.

I went to the er each time.

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Never did… I’m to afraid to get admitted so my survival instincts kick in. Once they start talking about paperwork and seeing the pdoc in the hospital when he’s in, I try to see past it. But it’s easy to get admitted if the staff doesn’t know you. It’s also easy to get a med change when your treatment team changes.

It was always a dream of mine, even as a little boy to go to a psyche ward. In 1980 when I was 19 my parents told me I could go to Disneyland with them or the mental hospital. I figured I could see a large fake mouse and a pants less duck anytime but getting admitted to a mental hospital seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I jumped at the chance.

So I stayed 8 months in the hospital and crossed it off my bucket list.


Referred by the general hospital when I get found again x2. Suicide attempt x1. Being a danger to myself and others x3. Shouting at the crisis team x2. Being unable to string a sentence together x2.

One time I threw a chair through a window and they sent me to a forensic ward. That was creepy.

My parents took me to the emergency room. I was incoherent.

Damn it, I misread the title.

I was convinced I was a saviour. I was reading the bible over and over again and reciting passages as they spoke to me in my minds eye. Parents thought I smoked too much weed and sent me to ER.

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i never got taken to the hospital but i probably should of, instead got locked in my room by my parents basically till i went to sleep, the next day i calmed down a bit but was still very very psychotic and then i heard voices for months and months.

it was the most insane thing ever. I was flipping out that if people went in my brothers room they would all die, so i was throwing all my brothers stuff out of his room at 3am and i felt like i was being choked by an icy hand anytime i went in there. i was so erratic one second id be smiling then id be screaming at the top of my lungs and rolling and flipping around the floor because someone was about to go in the room cuz they didnt believe me.
then id be laughing and then eerily calm then back to bat ■■■■ mayhem.
then i transformed into jesus and jesus was talking about “Dan just being a vessel for his purpose (not my real name)” jesus was calling everyone dummies for not believing in this transcendance that happened. then i was supposedly speaking chinese and spanish which was all just jibberish.
any time anyone cried id just be smiling saying they were being healed.

it was most horrible experience traumatized my family and myself, I share this because I had no idea about mental illnesses then and if I had been treated sooner it wouldn’t of gotten so crazy as a lot of psychosis symptoms were in play for many months before this.

sorry if i shared too much but if your feeling very psychotic go to the hospital and get admitted.

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I was walking outside the Psych Ward talking to myself when a pretty nurse said, “Want to get to know me better?” And I said, “Uh yeah!!!” She then stuck me with a syringe and some men in white coats grabbed me. I later got to know her better. She was married to a member of the Hell’s Angels and her favorite color was burnt umber.

You go to the ER and tell them about your psychotic symptoms.
I think. I don’t know how it works in your country.

Here, we have a psych ER we can go to.

Last time i got sectioned was years ago - when my original diagnosis was Paranoid Psychosis. Then after a less then 2 minute appointment with some crap Shrink. They labelled me EUPD. Was some private hospital in Cambridge. TiceHurst. Walked out and knocked on a random persons door asking for a taxi back to sussex. She even made me a cup of tea. Soon as the taxi driver found out i was from the hospital, he crapped himself and locked me in the taxi and took me back. Walked out next day tho.

Its only the past 5-6 years ive had the diagnosis of Sz. Its been mentioned i should have been diagnosed properly years before.

That is what i want to know. Can’t remember.

Somebody else always did it. Do you live alone? My job put me in twice. Then I went for a regularly scheduled doctors appointment and he admitted me right there. The last time my wife took me to the ER. The last trip when my wife took me was by far the worse off I was. I had quit my meds about 4 days prior. I had no insight.

But if you think you need it just go to the ER. They are trained in such things. Good luck.

I was admitted four times when I first got sick - mostly because of suicidal thoughts, self harm and depression and also because I played around with my meds

After my relapse in 2012 I was admitted six more times for the same reasons - depression and self harm and stopping my meds. The last five times i went to the ER and they transferred me to psych ward and sometimes to a psych hospital

I’ve never been admitted to a psychiatric ward, fortunately, but I have been to the ER for what I thought was heart problems – turns out it was a panic attack. It was my first one, so I had no idea what was going on

punched a mirror during a bad episode, cut up my hand and ended up in the ER. I was spouting religious nonsense, claiming I was an angel. They quickly gave me some kind of shot for the voices, fixed up my hand. And shipped me off to an involuntary hold