Tell you frankly

I feel I am not a good hearted person and I hold on to a lot of pride,I don’t know if it’s socially anxious or am I a person full of pride and cannot get rid of…I hate the way I behave infront of people sometimes,how I wish I can remove half of my pride

Your post indicates to me that you’re a better person than you think. Self reflection isn’t a common trait in bad people. You look inside and see parts of yourself that you’d like to change for the better, that’s a good thing and the first step.


your avatar picture makes me feel dizzy ,( dark sith collapses on floor …! )
the fact like Malvok said you are aware and wish for change is a great leap.
i have no pride i am just an idiot, but a proud one !
take care

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After pride cometh the fall. I think a stubborn sense of pride is what led to my breakdown to begin with. I’ll bet you are not as proud as you think.