Behavriol health

Rats eating my limps and opportunities. I have arrived.

The purge of every unprofitable being, this is will of the white slaves which indenture and enslave tan people, from far or near! Do you Accept the Authority of a Drug Marketer or Dealer Beyond your Peace with this assigned possession. Art Thou, Unto Me A Slave Of MY Wiill or thy right to freely embrace those that Sin Upon Thee, and Work Inequity In Our Family, Do you really think as a witness, and perpetraitor of such fact of life, that I am either equiped or endowed with the sotric method you if offer, discount and run to the chinese for cheaper? What dragons haunt my people, Where do we fight them, and witin what construct is a enduring union made?

You sound unstable. Are you ok?

Are you experienced?

bahaviral health, are you on board with the pandemic threat yet or still sleeping with poison blankets?

Please consider going to the er or calling your dr. You are talking nonsense

My greatest consideration is to become a part of a community or create one that is comprised of people that know what health is and what profitable is, and the difference from drug addiction and social inclusion.

Sounds like an anti pharmaceutical cult.

Hey bro if you want to check out its always an opportunity, don’t think that questioning ■■■■ will Ever end it.

O.o well I’ve said my peace

I’m all ears said mickey mouse and goofey and everyone that could never check out of your race coarse motel 66.

Get your kicks and tricks, on route 66.

The neon lights are always left on.

VACANCY … prescribed.

There is a lot of talk about hawks, but not about eagles or doves, and what broke the strength of the Institute and of It and the little doctors of ruin in the story book Of It, The Shinning, Doctor Sleep, or Full Dark No Stars, wise cling to your big books and unproven disease processes. My boys and the girls we serve will still, danny, and Luke, not jump until it is time, no matter who it leaves us behind or keeps us in place. A Flight that only bully’s could beat others to think they achieved, and an affection for things that seem only pretend.

Insomnia is contagious, good rest and reason seams better than a pill, drink or a joint.

Where is the juke box playing for you?

Don’t fear with your thoughts, they already know them before you express them. It is our pleasure to know you and their judgement to use you against you.

All we do well is witness and respond to the best of our filtered ability.

You’re engaging in “Word salad”. And we can’t derive meaning from it. You’re sick like the rest of us.

You’re not actually giving or sharing - successfully.