Behavriol health

These patients are super hard 2 treat.

It’s really hard to enter their realities and drag them out, cuz their logic is so twisted that they’ll jus dig themselves deeper into madness.

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Poetry and knowledgable use of languange, which has levels of meanings, you consider a sign of illness? Go then to the libraries and burn them down? go then to remaining cd and vinyl stores and burn them down? Hold big ralleys where people cosnume hand fulls of addictive prescribed chemicals and burn the ■■■■ out of everything? The fact that you consider my expression sickness, is WHAT caused my disorder in the first place. The FACT of my Expression still existent, despite all the libel, censorship, editing, deleting, and banning is a sign of my HEALTH. Does that mean I do not suffer or do not need help in this life? NO!

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