Been thinking about this job

its a good job, probably would make me about £50 a week but its out of my area of expertise, i have never worked in a shop before selling things and although it looks easy enough idk how i’d be standing up for long periods of time, i’d like a stool but idk if they have one and i dont want to be cheeky and ask them for one, and i am scared to ask them for a job because they said i’d have to be flexible on the holidays in the advertisement and idk if i can do that many hrs on the one day (6hrs)

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Have you thought about slowly building towards this job? Maybe by volunteering in a charity/ thrift shop and build on that…

That way you can see how long you can work etc, without committing yourself!

Their are lots of Volunteer Centres in the UK and has many opportunities.

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thanks, yeah, i volunteer a little just now and i am waiting to hear from a charity shop but i would really like this job and i keep thinking can i do it? maybe i can, maybe i cant, i wish i could,

i’d love a little extra money towards a car or a holiday, maybe i am being greedy, biting off more than i can chew, i say to myself ‘surely i can do that’ it feels so minimal but it could be a very big thing for me to do, very hard and idk if i am capable.

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If your in the UK and receiving esa you can do permitted work…

It’s what I’m thinking of doing once I’ve settled in to my ou studies!

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Fvck it do it give it a month and if it’s hard then at least you can say you tried

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i’m trying to get some supported permitted work just now as well, i have a jobs specialist who works for a charity that helps people with long term mental illness or chronic illnesses, its therapeutic work so the govt stay off my back, but i look out for jobs as well and this is the first i have seen that is close to what i want.

i dont even know if i have the balls to ask, i am a bit worried they will ask for a cv and references and my cv isnt great, my job specialist is still working on it as well,