Been seeing peoples tongues moving around outside their mouths

Okay so I have this persistent delusion (maybe not a delusion) that people are moving their tongues around inside and outside of their mouths.

Anyone else see this or am I just hallucinating?

This happens when I am watching TV and also when I am out in the world, people will be doing this at various intervals.

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No, I’ve never experienced that.

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I think its pretty normal. Like licking your lips and stuff?

Yeah but even more than that sometimes, sometimes they are writhing around outside their mouths, kind of snakelike.

I’ll try to make a video of what I’m talking about and upload it here once I have the privilege to link stuff.

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I had all kinds of strange hallucinations it could just be one.

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If you notice it happening mainly from your peripheral vision then its definitely a hallucination. Other than that im not sure. Best thing you can do for yourself though is try not to stress about your experience with it. And also possibly bring it up with your doctor next time. I dunno.

Also, when i hallucinate occasionally these days. I often saw crazy things like people with snake-like pupils in their eyes. Definitely wasnt real but i was freaking out about it a lot at the time.

That sounds like a delusion to me. I mean hallucination yea

@Ozzyskits I see this too, its little pin like pupils, sometimes I get them

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