Been really bad sick for over 6 weeks

Just now getting back to everyone still having bad days everything is the same ole same ole situation I don’t think the Inhaler is helping much some but not completely it may last for a few hours then I am back to trying to catch my breath sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged have an appointment in a few days with my cardiologist the 28th I believe but he won’t talk and won’t tell me what’s going on so I doubt I will find out anything I think it’s time to look for a different cardiologist. He always says I am fine when in reality I am not. That’s why when I go to the store cashiers will ask how I am doing but I think they ask that of everybody they don’t actually want to hear how you’re doing I always say I am good to them even though feels like I am dying at times right now it really does feel that way. I just say I am ok so I don’t get winded explaining myself and if I have to explain myself more than once to the same person I am done talking. I hate repeating the same story over and over and no one gets it its a waste of me talking and my energy spent doing so. But that’s just a few of my pet peeves I can imagine it’s going to be along hard road for me in recovering from whatever this is colds don’t last this long it’s been a little over 6 weeks now I was tested for COVID and the flu type A and B tested negative so have no clue what this is that I have but my symptoms are difficulties in Breathing and catching my breath feels like I am holding my breath constantly don’t feel as if I am getting enough air haven’t had any sleep hardly since this illness have to try and close my eyes sitting up straight in my bed propped up on three to four pillows. Been to the er twice family doctor twice and no one has an answer for me since my labs they drew were normal and so is my oxygen and bp. Had a pulmonary function test the 22nd of Dec and won’t know anything until after Jan 1st sometime that week. Feel miserable can only do a few activities before having to sit down and rest and catch my breath, can’t go to the gym at all too strenuous! And I get wore out and winded within minutes there. So, I’m waiting to see a pulmonologist. At the end of Jan if I am still alive and not dead, I will go to my appointment ridiculous if you ask me having me wait this long thye must not know the severity or dire the issues I am having.


I’m sorry @psychward101
I wish you well