Sorry, just a vent (post covid symptoms)

Two weeks ago I had my second round of covid. It only lasted 4 days. But ever since i have been extremely tired, sleeping 12 hours in a row, lack of concentration, sore limbs etc. It didn’t help i went to the gym two days in a row (stupid me)

I cannot understand those people who find comfort in being “slightly sick” watching netflix all day.

Even though I’m a dane I have absolutely no understanding of the concept of “cosy”.

I hate “cosy.” I want to be active.


I find i get a little manic with nothing to do too. Being occupied really helps me and my wellbeing.

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Go get checked out. I was left with scarring on my lungs even though I didn’t seem to be THAT ill. It’s taking me forever to get my legs back under me.

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Thanks, if it doesn’t get better the coming week I will contact my doc. The aftermath is almost worse than the actual disease.

Urgh. Since getting covid my pulse never went below 90. My doctor doesn’t give a ■■■■ but I guess my legs are more important. Long covid sucks for sure.

See a gp when you can. Long covid sucks and is serious.

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Damn @whirling-leaves, let’s hope it goes away again. I have just made an appointment with my gp

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I just had it and I’ve lost my appetite. Nothing sounds good yet my tummy grumbles from over eating on APs.

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I had it a week and a half ago. I was still feeling rundown on Monday. I think I’m finally past the fatigue.

I’m still congested with a light cough in the mornings though.

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