Been followed everywhere

Hi everyone!my name is bing li,I see people all over the street and cars all over the street were there to follow me last year,after that i called the police report that crime,but the police didn’t do anything they just sent me to hospital,and there the doctor diagnosed me as schizophrenia but I don’t believe what the doctor said,I think it was real,people were there to follow me,i m very distressed depressed and scary now ,is there anybody else who been followed like me,been followe by large amount of cars and people everywhere please share your experience,and I hope that could convince me I have an illness,I really hope I am but I can’t be convinced by doctor,please help

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  1. Why do you think all those people follow you? Are you a celebrity?
  2. Are you taking any medicine?

I thought I was followed by people who wanted to kill me. But my parents took me to a doctor who gave me a medicine. I took the medicine and then… I realized that nobody was following me :slight_smile:


I m not celebrity,first day I saw this I Thought I might become a celebrity because I dance so well in the night club,otherwise why they are following,I thought those people wants to make justinbieber,lately I find more information online,they said this is gang stalk,a kind of crime wants to destroy a person s life

I m taking Meds but it doesn’t help

I used to be followed everywhere by cars and people. Thousands upon thousands of them. I could not understand who funded this onslaught because it must have cost millions. Fortunately I got help and the delusion ended since I started meds. You should talk to your doctor about the symptoms that is not going away.


Fellowman is right. Maybe you are not taking the right medicine. Please be honest with your family and doctor !

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Yes,I think so too,where are those people come from who send out those people,I try to convince myself no one is following me by thinking this must cost billion dollars if they send out so many people to follow me.hi bro,can you tell me more about this ,are you sure you also been followe by hundreds of thousands people,that s what happen to me,it s horrible experience,so scary,are you sure is that gonna cost lots money for them to send out so many people to follow me,please tell me more about that,I need some help sentence to calm down myself,so helpssless

i think it s real otherwise why I take medication and it doesn’t help,I try a few medication already,none of it works,I think those people follow me are real

Some times I believe I’m being followed by something supernatural, such as Wendigos or Skinwalkers, even though there’s no reports of either in my specific area.
It’s really distressing some times, and then I believe other people might be out to hurt me some times.

You or someone in your family needs to complain to the doctor that the medications are not working and need to be adjusted (perhaps a high dose) or changed - don’t give up. Keep working with the doctors to find something that works for you and helps you get rid of these paranoid thoughts.


How do you know it s paranoid and it s not real ,thank you

I use to believe that the cars following me are all maroon in colour. You won’t believe how many maroon cars there are if you got this delusion. Thousands upon thousands of them on every road and around every corner. At first I thought this was funded by a very rich old friend of mine who had his knife in for me. Then I thought he must have blackmailed someone in government to fund this plot. I thought they were all out to make me crazy. I had over 4 years of therapy for this ■■■■ and nothing helped. It was only when I got meds that I was relieved from this delusion. Not me or anyone else can talk you out of a delusion. Your pdoc is there to assist you on this. Talk to him. Maybe he will recommend therapy alongside the meds. Do not let this consume you. Ask for help. Things can and will get better.


Thank you very much

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Waiting someone to share similar experience like yours it really helps


thank you thank you thank you

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Hi @Cipher, what are skinwalkers? Feel people are in my body and feel them underneath my skin. Also feel like they can do things to my skin too.

I also receive hidden message from television and my ipad

They’re basically witches or shamans, bad people, in Navajo culture. They did taboo things, such as murder family members, and went through rituals to wear the skins of animals or people they want to be, and acquire skills of animals they become.
All they do is seek to harm others who fear them, they can also mimic the voice of the person they killed, before killing them. They may also mimic loved ones of the person who they want to hunt, luring them out.

Oh gosh, is that distressing to you? I’d imagine it makes doing anything involving TV or electronics, troublesome.