Beat the hot temps

It’s been refreshed here.
Last week it was hotter than hell.
We had a lot of forest fires here in Europe.

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Its raining here now, 36C 70% humidity.

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It’s only 84F here atm. Could be worse.

84 Farenheit here at the moment. Very hot for us. Have the AC cranked.

I close all windows at day, have curtains closed, doors closed and then have the AC running on fan mode, not cooling.

At night, I open all windows and doors, and let the cool air in. Sometimes I place a fan outside that blows cool air inside. I have mosquito netting on all windows.

In the morning I close everything again. Rinse and repeat.

If it gets too hot, I might turn the AC on cooling, but usually the open window with fan trick works for me just as well and I save energy.

Then I have a small table top fan, near my laptop for cooling my face.

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Today is a little break from the 90s here. 85 is the high woth rain in the forecast. Its been dry and dusty. Looking forward to some rain

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