"Be kind to yourself". What is it?

What does this mean? I hear everyone saying it, from gurus to my old psychologist.

But I never understood it at all.


Take care of oneself.
Be loving to oneself.:two_hearts:

Make yourself a hot chocolate or do nice things for yourself.

Be supportive and positive .

Maybe listen to positive affirmations with kind loving words.
Louise hay has free ones on YouTube.


Treat yourself with kidness and respect. Try to take care of both physical and mental health.


very honest song maybe will comfort some like me

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Being kind to myself is easy. I need to work harder on being kind to people who are not myself.


Id say not beating yourself up. But beating ones self up I think comes from praising ones self too much. One extreme leads to the other. We praise ourselves and puff up our ego. Then when we fail to achieve the perfect image we’ve made of ourselves we beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we’re nothing.
We really shouldn’t be surprised when we fail in life as were imperfect.

The key I think is not judging ourselves as greater or lesser than we really are. Just being happy with ourselves.

I think it’s related to envy. We sometimes see others as better than us too. Which I think comes from failing to do whats right, which comes from being tired from always being angry and wasting our energy in conflict with others. Conflict with others arises because of our desires for things. Desire for things Arises from the want to hide our shame. And shame comes from over indulging too much in food, alcohol etc.

Ultimately fasting can help you be kinder to yourself but you can also work on that virtue in particular, not just at the root.

Do good deeds for others I suppose and you’ll feel good about yourself perhaps. Just naturally knowing in your mind the kindness you’ve showed others, you will see yourselves as valuable and not beat yourself up or need to inflate the ego. You’ll just be yourself and content with it, which I think is humility🙂


Thanks for the elaborated reply @ThePoet .

I think beating yourself up is not necessarily caused by praising yourself too much. I have seen people who praise themselves without reason, and live in their own little happy world. I also have seen people beat themselves up without any praise whatsoever.

I think you are right. The key is not judging ourselves (period). But I don’t know man. This is extremely difficult. It’s exactly fighting agains the tides (society).

I’m finding a hard time myself adapting to what I think society wants for me. I’m tired of partial isolation.


treat yourself with respect and love


To not think too critically about yourself: don’t judge too harshly your body, your thoughts, your mistakes etc.


It depends on how you think really.

How do you think? Do you have a personal inner dialogue? Dio you have an inner critic? Do you speak harshly to yourself of yourself?

How do you perceive the world? Do you have an inner voice at all? Do you say "What an idiot/ I am such an idiot !"or similar to yourself for example?

Well ,to be kind to yourself is to change your inner workings. To change your inner dialogue for kind words and stop hating on yourself.

For example, when you make a mistake instead of cussing yourself change your words to “I could do better/ I deserve better” or “It’s not so bad/I am a good person and don’t deserve this.”

It is not going to happen immediately, but when you become aware of your own inner dialogue and see how much people hate themselves, you need to watch what you think. Note it, mark it when you find you cuss yourself become aware of it. See how you could improve it.

That is being kind to yourself! :slight_smile:


Thanks @labratmat . I do have a personal dialogue, but I don’t realize when I’m abusing myself verbally.

I need first of all, to be aware of the dialogue. Then change some stuff…

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This is a subject that we don’t know enough about. We should be studying ourselves and how we think.

Some people don’t have mind’s eye. Others don’t have a personal dialoogue. Others have several 'I’s.

It is an amazing subject and i wish i knew how it works, what is the ideal model of how to think, what method is most common?

What am I supposed to think? :face_with_monocle:

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I’m the :100: opposite I have a tendency to self deprecate myself in other words I at times I hate myself completely hate hate hate myself

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I talk about what’s bothering me about myself in the mirror…very private…I whisper so it’s just between me and the mirror…but other times I just talk when I compliment myself and joke about anything with myself. ha


Hey Juke… hope you doing alright these days!

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yes sir…doing well…

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