Be creative: med combos

I know polypharmacy is somewhat rare on this forum but if you have ever been on two meds concurrently what dose was it and when did you take 'em?

Or just post any two meds you think would work well together, you don’t have to have been on them.

Two kickass med combos I can think of:

I’ve been on Rexulti (am) + Seroquel (pm)

Would like to try 20mg abilify (am) + 20mg haldol (pm)

Any ideas?

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at some point, doc made me take 2 meds. it felt inefficient, but did the job.

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I have been on a two med combo several times. I most recently was on Seroquel XR and Abilify. The pdoc weaned me off the Seroquel though because of the sedation and now I am doing well on just a higher dose of Abilify. I have taken several other combinations over the years but I don’t remember them all now.

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I have only taken 2 antipsychotics together when changing from one to another.
20mg of Haldol is a lot to take everyday, you would be quite likely to get some side effects on that dose.

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Some people are on 40-100 haldol, others manage on 2.5. So it relly depends on the person with haldol.