Bad news !?!


i was looking through ’ vogue ’ magazine at the doctors surgery ( only magazine there ), and i saw the fashion ’ IQ ’ test !
i failed , i am devastated.
take care


neat and clean are the only real fashion requirements.


i am more unkempt and dirty , with a slight odour of ’ je ne sais quoi '.
take care


You “take the worry out of being close”. They’ll smell you coming and steer away.


i am going to bottle my unique ’ eau de dark sith ’ and sell it on ebay…
take care


Hey, if it doesn’t bother your wife, a unique odor might cause fidelity.


good thing she can’t smell anything, aaarrrrrhhhhhh…i am a catch !?!
take care


This thread has made me smile in so many ways.


Oh Darksith…

I am sorry to hear that.

I had a bad one the other day when I took a survey in Elle and found out my “Summer Sassy” factor was too low and my wardrobe was out dated. :open_mouth:

Oh well, no cat walk for me… :stuck_out_tongue:


i am praticing my ’ model walk ’ in the fields outside the house and my ’ stop turn and pout ',
you never know when i will get picked up by a scout for the ford modelling agency, best to be prepared.
you can practise on the beach, i am sure it will go down well, kid sis can ’ critique ’ your fine performance,
remember to point those toes !
i am one ahead of you i already have my eau de toillette named dark sith…slightly musky with a damp overtone.
see you in ’ milan '.
i hear tall sz guys are the latest ’ it ’ thing, and the latest ’ must have’s '.
" ciao for now ".
take care


The thing that distracts the cat walk practice there is I already know… while my kid sis might be trying to critique me… there will be teen aged boys fully ready to critique her.

Stray boys are much like stray cats… there are always more around then there should be.


i will just have to soak up the glory and the limelight in ’ milan ’ by myself.
i will be a sensation…
though i might take a cattle prod with me just in case the catwalk gets a bit congested and i need to move the other ’ lesser ’ models along a bit, i need my space.
just a thought, maybe you can use the cattle prod on the ’ stray tom cats '.
take care


I’m too sexy for my shirt… :wink:


that was really funny, a blast from the past !?!
i am too sexy for my shirt…i was born to be a model , i too have a body of a greek god, maybe a roly poly greek god that like’s pastries !?
take care


Bacchus always did throw the best parties. So Olympus look out.