Fashion tips from dark sith....!

todays fashion news…from an australian womens magazine…
have you updated your ’ scarf-drobe '…if not why not…!
a scarf is the must have accessory this season…
there are so many ways you can wear it…
the fabics are unlimited !!..faux fur…bohemian loose knit…plaids and tartans…cashmere…must i go on !!
no excuse to be sz and unfashionable !?!
take care


I’d better go get my summertime scarf. I might as well be in fashion. Thanks dark sith!

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I do not own a scarf. :scream_cat:

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Scarf’s in the summer time really? Do these people realize how hot it gets outside?? Why would you want to add fabric to your wardrobe?


good point , but i am in australia, and my scarf-drobe must be updated, it is a winter wardrobe must !!
here’s to looking goooooood this winter season !
" strike the pose, vogue "
take care

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I guess yes, if you’re in a winter climate, I’m in the United States, it’s getting to the dog days of summer where we’ll be lucky to get below 90 degrees. What’s worse is in St. Louis Missouri we’re locked between the Mississippi River and the Missouri River so the humidity is so ghastly hot it’s worse than just the heat alone. Not to mention we could get severe heat of the day storm bursts that pop up out of the blue.

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i live on a mountain range it is - 4 to 8 degrees celsius today…i love the cold.
i feel for you , i don’t like humidity…dry heat is fine i used to live on the plains where 48 dgrees was normal in summer…with winds that burnt your eye balls ! it did not drop to a cool 30 degrees untill midnight !!
take care

isn’t it winter in australia?
i am trying to learn how to knit a scarf, but i’d rather bike, but I posted a photo, haven’t been able to see all that well lately, makes it a challenge to learn to knit. plus, knitting is boring!

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yes it is winter here.
in australia we have a group of retired educated ladies who are called the ’ knitting nannas’ ’ who sit in tall trees next to proposed mine sites in australia, protesting against the destruction of our fragile eco systems, they are cool.
take care

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I knit a scarf once. I have that.


I used to be very fashionable as I had a good career at that time. So I had more than 20 scarves in my wardrobe. I now seldom wear them and was thinking about how to give them to other people.

Sith, I used to be in Newcastle, Australia (for ten years). Now I have moved to China.


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china must be a very interesting place to live.
newcastle has been going through lots of changes for the better, we haven’t been down there for years.
it is a nice idea to give your scarfs away to those more in need.
take care

the knitting nanna’s do sound very cool! I’ve been searching out knitting groups to find people to socialize with since I’m not working . ladies get together to knit hats for premie babies for the hospital, and they knit prayer shawls for the hospice

you make it sound like the knitting nannas have climbed up into the tree to knit, perhaps that is what you meant, and that would make the knitting project more interesting for sure!

there’s a website out there called brutal knitting which impresses me, much of it is too weird for my tastes, but, i think i’d like to learn to knit like this

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You know, I only wear red, black and white and have for over 2 years. My friends used to say I “could only see in black and white”. So I wore black and white half of the time for a year and then added red when I went psychotic and strictly wore only those colors every single day once I went nuts.

Right now I am wearing black and white high top converse sneakers, calve length black socks with white skulls and crossbones on them, black knee length cargo shorts and a dark red fitted t-shirt.

I have a green anime t-shirt. It’s ok, I wore it to a convention once and a few times to school. One of my pairs of jeans is grey. I dont like them but I just tell myself that theyre black and white at the same time. I have like 7 black shirts, 4 red shirts, 4 white shirts, pair of cargo shorts and cargo pants in each color, one pair on jeans in each color.

My shoes are all black and white. Boots are brown. Thanks for making me remember to buy some black boots for this fall…I have some spending money from my birthday.

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Yes, you are in winter now having just passed winter solstice.
But does the alien heritage have anything to do with the wardrobe fashion? :slight_smile:
Like, what is the climate on YOUR planet?

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We have the Ragging Grannies in our state.

They are a very fun group of ladies. They do a lot of environmental stuff and they were really big in the push to open child safe homeless shelters and women escaping violent environment shelters.

I love it when I get to hang with them, which isn’t very often, they are on the go.


Awesome! I think that’s so fab :blush:!

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it is a desert planet, very cold at night and baking during the day, we ’ sith ’ generally live underground…
take care

the knitting nannas’ with other eco warriors have halted a coal seam gas mine already.
take care

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On a totally different subject, @darksith, ever play Star Wars the Old Republic? It’s a good game and free to play these days.

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