Any here follow influencers? Does it help or make things better

I feel suddenly like I want a more put together look
I’m impulsive and don’t have any good style
I have lots of nice stuff but it is all silly together
Never really have dressed normally
Think I’m old enough to know what I’m doing by now


There was this lady at recovery college I really admired her eccentric clothing style. She doesn’t seem to mind that she is walking around like that. I really admired her attitude to that.

I personally think it is OK to just wear what you feel like wearing.

I like going in shops when I have money and doing just that :smiley:


Had she also been ill?

Yea she has something like borderline or something

My dress sense is a bit eccentric as well. I like to dress differently.


That’s cool,

I tend to walk around in my pj’s and slippers atm lol.


Even on the street?

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Yes. My pj’s are mainly baggy clothes, sometimes leggings. So they don’t really look like typical PJs


That’s handy. When I first got out of psychosis. I used to sleep in my clothes a lot. I had no energy to take them off.

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Yea I understand, that. I was the same.

Nowadays I don’t because, a, its more laundry electricity. B, it means I have to do laundry more often,

I think I just got better and stopped doing it.

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That’s really good, you must feel better for it.

Yeah definitely. I always take my clothes off at night now.

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I’m more about having personal style over following fashion.

With fashion the rules are so dumb and constantly changing.

For example a lot of male fashionistas have been saying for years not to wear cargo pants, but now they’re back in fashion.

So I say screw fashion and do what you want.

@anon83141956 , That lady sounds super cool! I admire people like that as well. :slight_smile:


I’m lucky if my shirt matches my shorts.

Tbh I don’t care what people think about my dressing style. I wear whatever is comfortable and convenient.

My ex friend was always being a dick to me bc I didn’t look good in a Beanie. Lol! Screw him.


What’s an influencer? I watch famous people on youtube all day lol.

I follow Bath and Body Works influencers just for the drama.

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Yes I felt like this all my life, but now I’m suddenly almost 50 and I don’t want to be eccentric anymore
Going through a stage where it ■■■■■ the hell out of me
I just want to be stylish without being quirky


I don’t really mean fashion so much as style
Something like a timeless look but consistently well presented

Of course it is ridiculously expensive if you can’t do it all in the same pair of shoes

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I think it’s unhealthy to follow influencers.

They all have unrealistic body types,

Made further unrealistic by editing photos.

Then, they can’t even afford the clothes they model.

My sister is a costume designer in NYC and she says their photos are up in all the high end stores so that retailers don’t sell to them.

They’re known to buy something, take a picture with it on, and return it in a couple days.

The whole thing is an impossible standards scam.