Bad news for egg lovers



My cholesterol is pretty low. But I don’t eat a lot of meat and I can’t remember the last time I had an egg.


Mine has been a little high on blood tests in the past,but no mention of it was made after my last blood test. I don’t have many eggs a week.


I don’t believe this. People live to 100 being raised on the farm

eating eggs and bacon and toast every day.


I have also heard the mixed reports about eating eggs. One study says that one egg a day can prevent diabetes. I have my cholesterol meds and I eat meat and eggs occasionally, I have also diabetes (Type 2).


That’s weird, you look to be at a very healthy weight in your photos


I ride my bicycle a lot, however in this winter I have gained weight because I have not exercised much, I am looking forward to spring so that the bicycle paths are not frozen.


I agree wit @daze this artucile is bulls.hit


Yeah eggs are suppose to be really rich in nutrients but you just shouldnt eat them all the time. Try like once every week or two weeks


I don’t believe this either. Eating cholestoral does not raise cholesterol but testosterone


I’ve heard the older you get the less cholesterol you should eat. There is also good and bad cholesterol.


I eat 3 eggs twice a week for protein. I have never had problems with cholesterol. I need the protein and energy for cycling.


sometimes eggs give me a hard on


That’s a strange comment.


strange to you…a joke to me…!


On the other hand, have you ever noticed when they interview people over 100 years old, they always say stuff like “I eat eggs and bacon every day for breakfast. Ismoke cigars and I drink every day…”. Who knows?! I just think it’s genetics


Lol my grandpa smokes all day, eats all the sweets in the house, guzzles down coke like he hasn’t had anything to drink in years, eats those salty ass TV dinners nearly every day, hasn’t touched a vegetable in weeks, etc., and he’ll be 80 fu cking 7 this year. Meanwhile, his brother, having never touched a cigarette in his life, eating and drinking the same way as my grandpa, died in his 60’s. I just don’t understand.


That’s what I mean. I say do your best to be healthy, but enjoy life too. Don’t worry about it too seriously


I eat like 3 eggs a day and I have super low cholesterol. I think a large part of it is genetic.


I heard it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol, not so much cholesterol itself