Bad dreams

Does anyone else have horrible, frustrating dreams. I have them every time I close my eyes to sleep. They suck:(

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Sometimes I have bad dreams. Sometimes I have nice ones. It seems to be going in phases.

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I have them every time I close my eyes. It started when psychosis started and never went away. It’s frighting, I hate sleeping.

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I dread going to sleep. It’s like i can never get any break from schizophrenia.

Most of the time I don’t have dreams. I go to sleep and sleep like a rock. Next thing I know it’s morning. However, I get weird dreams or bad dreams sometimes. It’s from the Geodon. I didn’t have any of these dreams before I took it.


I recently dreamt someone knocked on the door at 3:30am. I was trying to call the police and they were on 2 lines, wouldn’t respond. I woke up and don’t know if someone really knocked on the door.

I’ve had these bad weird dreams since I was a child. It’s like my daytime self is in an uneasy mood and then when it turns nighttime I begin to despise going to sleep. My social worker says I’m stuck in something kinda like the movie Groundhogs Day.

I don’t dream at all on my current meds, 5mg risperidone. Idk if its a good or bad thing lol