Bacteria, gut organisms linked to schizophrenia, depression, autism and more

you wrote " yes he is hard to understand "
if there is someone seeks to knows the reality of sz,he does not excuse by the
language or by the far-famed expression : your writing give no sense

Yes,English is not my first lang,but i never write any fabricated facts,
while the otherness authoring and innovating fabricated phenomena,events
and symptoms around the sz although they using the English correctly !

there are a difference,i say the facts without falsification,while the otherness
tell a mythological stories for sake deny the facts ,and that help not
develop the psychological science

is what i say is hard to understand ?

Yes what you write is hard to understand. I usually have to read it several times. It’s not your fault though.

Part of it is the words that you use. They are not wrong words but they are words that we don’t use very often. Kind of formal. I have known people who’s English is not their first language and they had a tendency to use more formal words when describing things. Really they are the ones probably using words more correctly then say myself who learned English through imitation or copying others.

For example:

Yes, English is not my first lang, but I never write any fabricated facts.
No English is not my my first lang, but I never write made up facts or tell lies.

I say the facts without falsification
I say the facts without lying

authoring and innovating fabricated phenomena events
saying and starting new made up experiences

Sometimes I have to look up the meanings of certain words :smile:

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Out of interest AbAt, do you believe you have schizophrenia? Do you take any medication to alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia? You have said before that the single cause of SZ is a “psychological organism” which you call “the Devil” but do you take any meds to help with symptoms or the experience?

If not, what do you do?

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if you can understand the concept of the sentence,this is the critical point.

I wrote "I never write any fabricated facts "…why i use this words ?
you can only discover the facts,but some writers fabricating the facts
from their imagination,at temper or upon request

Fabricated facts= it means,faked,forged,bogus
“made- up facts” gives the same meaning

I say the facts without falsification" objectivity reading to the symptom as it as in itself "
"i do not say a story to use the word “lying”
because the otherness falsely the facts and give wrong evidence
i say
authorship and innovation fabricated phenomena events

you write 2 lines only,and i asked you to write 20 lines,to see your knowledge
1- what is the schizophrenia ?
2-what is the symptoms of sz ?
3- what is the cause of sz ?
you can answer about one question

I can understand you very well. You use rather academic vocabulary, but that’s OK, I’m used to it. I don’t quite agree with you. I partially agree with what you say. But I think human beings have spirit and body, which are united and cannot be separated and which they have to learn to control. I think your ideas only focus on the spirit, but ignore and even deny the interaction of the body and spirit. There are definite physical measurable features associated with sz, but you refuse to read about them or acknowledge them. So I think you fall for “dualism” - the idea that spirit and mind are totally separate. This must necessarily be fallacious, in any and every belief system. It is not just that we “have” a body. We ARE our bodies. Until we come to terms with that, we cannot be fully human; that is, we cannot fulfil our potential as human beings. Our body will keep tripping up our spirit…

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out of regard,if you agree that my English writing gives no sense
NOW,why you seem understand my English ?

If i say;schizophrenia is a genetic disease
you say,your English was understood
if i say;schizophrenia is not genetic disease
you say; you give no sense,and your English was not understood !

No, I NEVER said that I don’t understand you. I have always understood what you have said. I said I don’t always AGREE with you. That is different.

NOTE: I actually quite like your way of expressing yourself. I appreciate the range of your vocabulary. It’s pretty impressive.

I am multilingual and am usually fairly good at deciphering what non-native English speakers are trying to say. In this case, there’s not enough substance present to draw context from. He repeats assertions in the manner most delusional people do in the conviction that if you say it enough, others will believe it too.

My 2 cents.


It is hard to learn a new language to write about the labyrinths of the schizophrenia.
my main goal is to understand what i said,but the agree or disagree is a different matter,because in the actual world it is impossible to find two persons has complete agreement with the facts of schizophrenia !

i do not express about my self at all,but i express about the facts of schizophrenia
as it as in itself without personal interference “intervention”

You say" human being have spirit and body,which are united and cannot separated …etc"
1- i never focus on the spirit,and i never talking about the spirit
2-the spirit is hidden thing,unknown to the human,but when we talking about the “devil”,
we do not describe him as a bad spirit,because he is a hidden psychological entity
analogous to the psychological entity of the human being
3- there is no bad spirit,but the spirit is a goodness,and we do not know his existential
manifest or its functional characteristics
4-the human being can not sees,hears or feels the spirit or make up bilateral discussion with the spirit to receive the inspiration,no one of us is a prophet has receive the messages
from the sky !
5-if the spirit have united with the body and causing the phenomenon that so-called myself,
but in reality we realize our self without realizing the spirit oneself

6- in fact,we feel our self not our spirit
7-when we talking about the human being,he divided into two entities,the biological entity
and + the psychological entity

8-the materialist theory has insist on that,the body creates the self,the brain creates
the mind,all biochemistry of the brain creates the consciousness state,
the good gene creates the normal behavior ,the bad gen creates the bad behavior,and the science
has practice this theory in all genetic diseases including the schizophrenia case !

9- from the above point {8} the failure and argument around the schizophrenia has been established without ending,because this theory is not suitable for schizophrenia at all !

10-the schizophrenia is the natural evidence which prove that the body/gene /biochemistry do not create the cognitive content of the mental thoughts

11- the cause of schizophrenia is a pure psychological entity be independent about the human psychological entity,and do not arise from the human body/genes and biochemistry of the brain and for this reason you can not get rid or have full cure from sz
12-cause of sz is like a second psychological entity- existential and functional ,be called the hallucination in medical reference,and known for public by name “devil”
13- schizophrenia is a metaphysical phenomenon not a genetic disease or else
14- any schizophrenic individual has diagnosis the existential manifest of the
devil creature inside himself not inside his body
15- the functional activities of the devil inside the mind-brain causing all what you know about the symptoms of schizophrenia
16-just,if the devil says one single lingual sentence ,it causing all types of disorders right now
17-whatever you know or write about the schizophrenia,the biological psychiatrists do not
know the miraculous impact of one single lingual sentence of devil on the mental functions and emotional state (one single impacts making up all symptoms of sz right now )
-if you enough by call this process by term "hearing the voices " and do not seeks to know all minute details,you can not know the functional characteristics of the cause

18-anyway,i do not talking about the mind and spirit,but about the biological entity +the psychological entity,they work together in harmony,one creating the thoughts and the other
translate them to symmetrically behaviors

19-schizophrenia case contain one biological entity + two psychological entities
{one human psychological entity + non-human psychological entity /more}
internal cognitive fighting between the human self and the parasite self,this fighting
reflected on the biochemistry of the brain causing an imbalance state

20 -you can not make any impacts on the fighting process by using any medication,
because the fighting process has occur in the psychological entity,in the mind,in the consciousness state,in the presence of the attention in the waking time ONLY

AbAt, that is really interesting and well thought out. I have some points of agreement with you and some things I would like to question, but right now, I have to do some work. I have spent too much time reading random things on the internet today and I have some real-live paid work I must do. I will be back tomorrow to speak to you about your ideas, I hope. Thank you for spending so much time and effort for making your thoughts clear.

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language house
all of you appear themselves as a linguistic scientists in the English ,
and forget the substantive content of the discussion
=you are wordy,and spend your time find the footnotes to say nothing
=it is good work for you, to made-up a plot from a peripheral points,
to appear your self as a shakespearian

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from what i am reading,

  1. biological - bio chemistry - imbalance/offset
  2. psychological - mental - ex. delusions
  3. devil created within the mind. - ex. devil could be in the form of "voices’’
  4. perceptions - ex. psychological - ex. change perception that devil is not real entity. therefore reduction of symptom. = no voices.

yeah i know this as well.
just hard to read your writing.

For the reader,
our questions:what is sz? what is symptoms? what is the cause ?
you write 4 sentences
1-biological-biochemistry -imbalance /offset
is this the main nature of sz ? say yes or not
2-psychological-mental-ex ,delusions
is this the symptoms of sz ? say yes or not
3-devil created within the mind…etc
is this the cause of sz ?say yes or not

please,say the answer,because the correct arrangement for your points in the nature
as an events are;

3 - no
2 - yes and no , as people without sz can have delusions
1 - In my case, yes . - the trigger - excessive drug use.

Sz is : an umbrella term for psychotic illness
Symptoms : many
The cause: variable

1- (If) biological -biochemistry-imbalance /offset,is not a description to the essential
nature of the schizophrenia case,what do you meant by these terms ?

2-you said, (yes) + (no),and you pad the people without the sz in the issue,
we are talking about the symptoms of sz in the people with sz,and we do not
give any attention to any other people

3-you said in my case (Yes) …etc
I do not ask about your case,you talking with me as a theoretical reader, not as a person
has self-experience with the case,yes or no IN general not IN private

in sum
,in (1) you say unknown information,in (2) you say yes and no,and pad the people without sz in the issue,in (3) you say yes and pad your self in a general issue

now we look to your description for sz
you said; sz is an umbrella term for psychotic illness

1- you meant,sz is psychotic illness
the question; what is the nature of psychotic illness ?
;what is the symptoms of psychotic illness?
;what is the cause of psychotic illness ?
;what is relation between the cause and the symptoms?
notice that,you have using the term “psychotic illness”
instead to use the word "schizophrenia ",and nothing change

please,you should know that,when you say ;Symptoms;many
this means that you do not read any thing,you should give details,description,
classification,definition …etc

Well I tried to get you to understand haha.

seems this is going to be impossible for you to understand. I could probably say this stuff to you 500 different ways and you will still not comprehend.

it is clear that you need to go do some research. you seem to have close minded view. and dealing in absolutes. my way or the highway type of thinking. which actually could be relating to some false fixed beliefs you may or may not have.

also you come across incredibly arrogant which is not a good thing, you also over complicate virtually everything your trying to talk about. SIMPLIFY it will be a lot easier for someone to have an idea of what you are trying to say.

Just because big words are used in the content does not mean there is any value in the content, they are big words without any power. a small simple sentence with a powerful message is far more valuable than a bunch of big words that don’t fit together.

if you would like to get your word salad of ideas into fruition you should focus on organizing your content so that it is more easily readable.

content that can not be easily read will generally go unnoticed because no person really wants to take the time to dissect the content that has been written.

I’m not going to reply to you anymore it is completely useless.

cheers good luck on getting well.

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the question
do you believe you have schizo-phrenia ?
1-the public meaning of the term “schizo-phrenia”,is like
the meaning of divorce the mind from the brain

2-the separation process between the mind and brain
is the end result of inner phenomena that has been occurred
in the mind-brain of the person

3-the term schizophrenia is point at the end results,while there is no term
to point at the inner phenomenon in the medical reference !

4-the schizophrenia that you know /talking about is a result of another inner
phenomenon,that has been occurred in the consciousness state of the host
5-the sz in the eyes of doctors is a group of different symptoms that has been appeared
though the aspects of thoughts,behaviors and emotional responses

6-these symptoms are classified as the diagnostic symptoms,wherever you can diagnosis the existence of sz through observe the presence of these symptoms on the person state

7-the symptoms of lang disorder is the main way to diagnosis the sz
{the speech,expression about oneself or other things,speed of speech.,the writing…etc}

in sum,do not ask anyone ;do you have schizophrenia ?
because you can observe many diagnostic symptoms in his lingual expression and
framing the concept,so do that by yourself !

=if you belief that the devil is the cause,
devil is not materialist symptoms,he is pure psychological entity
straightness of the thought,the religious belief “piety”, and the behaviors
is the only way to overcome this creature
=all types of good social /familial life are act against the devil
=the person is not needed to medication for lifetime ,but he needs
to practice all types of social/familial/friendship life,because
the main goal of the cause of sz"devil" is to establishing the divorce
state “separation” between the PERSON and himself,mind,thoughts,memories,
believes,beliefs,cultural information,social more,own morality,friends,
family members,school,job…etc

the long plan of the devil;creating a persistent disorder between the mind and
all sensual inputs /mental output to frustrate the process of behavior

Hi AbAt, OK, it is really clear now what you believe, and it is very internally consistent. I think we could get bogged down in trying to discuss terminology, and some words really do not translate well across languages and cultures at all. So, if we take a word like “psychological”, for example, it is derived from the Greek “psyche”, which is usually translated as “spirit” so when some people talk about a “psychological phenomenon” they may be talking about an event or feature of someone’s spirit. However, nowadays, many people don’t believe in “spirit”, so when they say “psychological”, they mean “mental” - something I might call "intellectual"l So the problem with discussing these things is twofold. First is that we haven’t, and probably never will, exactly agree on terminology and definitions, and the second is, as you point out, that we cannot make direct observations of some of the things we are claiming, only observations of behaviour.

Overall, I agree with a lot of what you say, though I would use different terms to describe it. There are a couple of glaring difficulties with your analysis for me. The first is that actual physical changes in a person’s brain and blood chemistry (shrinkage of white and grey matter, presence of antibodies etc), as well as certain events (repeated maternal infection while the child is in the womb, various viral infections and antibodies, family history of autoimmune disease, etc) CAN be shown to correlate very strongly with certain observed behaviors or with individuals’ self-described experiences (hearing voices, hallucinating, etc). Now, one of your posts states that the mind can have an effect on the body, but in reality several of these correlations cannot work in retrospect (family history, previous infections, etc). So where there is causation in those cases it cannot be that the current behaviour caused the previous events.

Certainly, it is possible that current behaviour may cause or contribute to current or future events. So social withdrawal, poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of intellectual activity, (all behaviours common in people diagnosed with sz) may contribute to shrinkage of grey matter (but that doesn’t mean that there were no previous or triggering factors too). Doctors already agree with you that “good social /familial life act against the devil”, except they would say “schizophrenia”. Also, many would agree that “the person [at least some people] is not needed to medication for lifetime ,but he needs to practice all types of social/familial/friendship life” and that schizophrenia (if not the devil) causes ‘a “separation” between the PERSON and himself,mind,thoughts,memories,
believes,beliefs,cultural information,social more,own morality,friends,
family members,school,job…etc’

So, in fact, many of your observations are not really disputed, and the strategies to use are also extremely similar.

The second sticking point I have with you here, is that you argue for the power of the Devil over human beings. But do you believe in the Devil but not in God? Or do you believe that the Devil is just as powerful as God? Or do you believe in the Devil and God but not in destiny? Because if you believe in a single God, you have to believe in his omnipotence, so you have to believe in destiny, and that means then someone’s Illness can indeed be “written” into their genes. But If you are a monotheist (which you might not be, I don’t know) only God can write someone’s destiny (or genes). The Devil is no stronger than a cobweb.

And at that point, I think this discussion belongs in Unusual Beliefs or some other thread on religions (which are not unusual).