Back Pain - Lack of Treatment

Is it right that the doctors don’t do anything about back pain?

I have lower back pain, and a trapped nerve in my back that has made my upper leg go numb and I get stabbing pains in it.

Apparently I cannot see the doctor about this until it gets bad enough that I cannot hold my bowels.

Seems a bit rubbish to me, and I sure as hell don’t want to wait until it gets worse if that’s possible.

I am using Ibuprofen gel, but that seems to not do a lot.

Those heat patches are far too expensive

That irresponsible use of opiods really stuffed it for most. It’s not the best treatments but it works…other things not so much. That sounds totally unreasonable and I’d be hitting up another doctor but I realize that sort of thing may be a problem. Really is a hard thing to deal with and know a lot at my age with similar problems.

I am worried that it will just get worse if I carry on Landscaping.

Both the people I worked for had key hole surgery on their backs due to the lifting required for their jobs.

They were probably mid-40’s by time they need intervention

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This doesn’t sound right. By the time you can’t hold your bowels, this would be a medical emergency.

Lower back pain and sciatica are very common issues that doctors routinely deal with. I would think the doctor would want to evaluate you. Do a physical exam and check range of motion and what movements make the sciatic nerve pain worse, possibly even doing imaging diagnostics such as an MRI.

There are nonsurgical treatment options such as physical therapy, back exercises and stretches (they can teach you these in PT), anti-inflammatory meds, etc.

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I didn’t think so either.

It was a Nurse who I spoke to, but she denied me seeing a doctor even though the psych consultant requested it

I would try requesting to see a doctor again. If the nurse denies you a referral again, then request a second opinion or an appeal, whatever process your medical insurance has in place.

I have the same problem. I’m considering buying a back brace.

@FadeToBlack, @crimby, @rogueone, I got sciatica and back pain at 36 yrs old and the doctors didn’t want to give me anything or do anything for me either. I was flat on my back in bed. Unable to move a muscle.

Then, I read somewhere that yoga was good for the spine, so I started doing beginners yoga DVD’s four times a week. Within 6 months, my back pain was relieved, as long as I kept up my yoga practice.

I now faithfully follow a beginner to intermediate yoga practice and I am fit and feel 30 years old again. (I am 60).

And yes, yoga is for men too. In fact, it was originally, in India, practiced only by men.


LS! Maybe try rub your back with kajaput oil. That really helps some people. Also you can try:

I had bad sciatica and it does need urgent treatment. Waiting until bowel movements affected is completely wrong (at this point it can be permanent).

I have attacks of sciatic pain and i use painkillers, ibuprofen and aspirine, not gel, i doesn’t work. But the McKenzie method is quite good if you are consistent, look it up on you tube or wiki.

“The McKenzie Method also referred to as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is a method of assessing and treating spinal back pain and related extremity pain most commonly through the use of specific repeated movements and appropriate prevention measures.”

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