Back on Seroquel XR

back on seroquel XR

: (

I tell this because it has pooped out on my in 2014, it doesnt treat neg symptoms anymore just makes me sleepy and too calm and sedated

any ideas people?

I’m about to tale 200mg Seroquel XR at night!

I’ve noticed weight gain Seroquel 100mg. I’ve been able to sleep well, though. Which is important, since my voices never go away. They keep talking unless I’m asleep.

I took Invega and had heart palpitations on it. Actually went to the hospital. It gave me panic attacks. This was only 4 days of taking it. Think it was an allergic reaction.

Hope the voices go away with something.

Oh! And I was just prescriped something to take as needed if I get anxious and the voices make me scream. I think it melts in my mouth? Don’t know what it is yet because it needs a prior authorization and couldn’t pick it up immediately.

I went passed out on Seroquel dropped my bp 73/81. I’m not saying everyone will faint. You said you saw your pdoc is there something he could try. Instead of Seroquel?

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