Back in the day. True story. Working in the 1980's at Sears

I was 23 years old working at Sears stocking shelves. One day I was putting away a pallet of blenders in housewares and I glanced over to the neighboring department which was the boys section. A tall, skinny black man in a hat caught my attention. He was browsing around by himself and looked like he needed help so I walked over to help him.
I walked up and once I got near him he looked familiar. It was Michael Jackson! I couldn’t believe it. I looked closely and it was him alright. I wanted to ask him a million questions about music but my duties came first. I was curious so I said, "Michael, what are you doing in this department?

He answered, "Oh, I saw a sign that said “Boys jeans-- half off”.


Did he do the moonwalk…1515

I was totally sold on the setup for this one! You got me!


Yikes :sweat_smile:

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@ninjastar: Oh, this is probably going to be a really elaborate setup for a joke…
also @ninjastar: Wow, Nick actually really met Michael Jackson!


Good build up


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Me too ……………. 15


This made me heehee

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Good show Jack! You gave me a chuckle. Well done.


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