Back in my home county again

Still homeless though. Have some leads though

I came back for a teepee meeting. It was small and we were short of people so i had to do alot if work and i ended up taking up the important role of cedar man. I only say this because i had to do alot of praying and talking and had make sure things ran as smoothly as i could. It was hard and i wasn’t too confidant, but in the end alot if people revealed what they though of me and that was nice. I didn’t realize how many people i look up to actually look up to me.

Anyways, im in a hotel for now or till we get new from the housing whatever.

I went on an amazing run today. I had alot of pent up emotions about the hole homless thing and a looonnng run was just what i needed. And along with the ceremony it wasn’t hard to remember why i love this place. Im feeling pretty good right now.


What a beautiful landscape! The first photo looks like a picture-perfect postcard view.

Are those tarahumara running sandals?

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I can’t see the images, shows “Image could not be loaded” :frowning2: And the emoticons are not showing either

Haha! Good guess! These are just inspired by them. Much thinner and have a vibram sole, but i have some of those tire ones too!

Oh no Minnii :frowning2:

I can see them now!!! Amazing photos :smile:

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The first pic can be Wallpaper.

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Nice good luck where us this beautiful place? If you dont mind sharing…

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San luis obispo california