Back home from the USA (with pictures)

Hi everyone! We’re baaack! What a great trip we had!

We went to Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA in 15 days. We got married in Portland at Voodoo Doughnut and it was the most fun day of my life!

Our favourite city was Portland. I had my first French Dip sandwich there and sausage egg and cheese biscuit! The food in America was SO good … but now I have to go on a diet!

We had a favourite diner in San Francisco, Lori’s Diner on the corner of Sutter and Powell streets. I had my first grilled cheese sandwich there … it was splendid.

Las Vegas was amazing … won a lot of money, about $100 total. We’ll definitely go back to Portland and Las Vegas.

We stayed in Hollywood in LA and had a bad experience with the hop on hop off tourist bus, we only got to see Beverly Hills, the bus for downtown never came!

Mr Turtle and I got a bit tiddly at the Flamingo Casino in Vegas and he accidentally texted his Mother saying he was so happy to be able to call me his wife! It was meant to be a surprise when we got home!

We thought we were going to be kidnapped on our way to the airport to come home from LA. The shuttle service we were expecting, a white van, didn’t come, but a beat up old sedan car came and had no ID inside or outside the vehicle and the doors in cars in America all lock when the car engine starts or goes into gear so we thought we were trapped in the back! Next time we will order a different shuttle service that we used a bit in America.

I was really looking forward to San Fran … I’d waited my whole life to get there. But when we were there, it just felt like we were in just any other city. We talked to a lot of locals about that and they all said that San Fran has changed within the past couple of years due to the tech industry moving in. ButI got to see haight Ashbury and the golden gate bridge. And we went to a baseball game between the giants and cincinati (spelling??)

We had a great day on Fremont Street in Vegas … That place is like a party that never stops.

We were really confronted by the homelessness in America. We gave a lot of money to people on the streets because we know homelessness would be much harder in America than it is in Australia (mind you we give a lot of money to the homeless in Australia too).

It was really fun hanging out with my parents and one of my sisters in Portland in San Francisco. We went to a bar named Momo’s in Portland and had a great night together.

Oh and I love that people take their dogs with them everywhere in America. People don’t / can’t do that in Australia, dogs just aren’t allowed anywhere.

I got really good, really quickly at going through TSA security at airports … Jay was really worried it would be too overwhelming for me, but I’m a pro at it!

American people were really nice, we met some great people. Australian’s are laid back but more insular and grumpy by comparison.

The highlight was the wedding really. We’ve decided to go back and renew our vows at voodoo doughnut. The photographer was GREAT! I’m so glad I booked her.

There’s a lot of beauty in America, I’m glad I got to see it. I really can’t wait to go back and see more of the country! But it would be a hard place to live, there’s not the support we have in Australia with our medicare and PBS systems.

Oh and I was so shocked to see prescription medication advertised on TV! And those ads are long because they run through all the possible side effects.

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering and add some photos for you now.

Our wedding donuts!

My first grilled cheese sandwiches … three types of cheese!

San Francisco

Las Vegas


Omg you never had a grilled cheese??? What are they feeding you in Australia??? The diner here has great grilled cheeses. The only thing I question about your trip is the EIfell Tower? Thought you went to USA not Francce??? Hold on I stopped reading at the “we almost got kidnapped part” but yeah I imagine if you’re used to peaceful Australians, us crazy americans can make you think like you’re getting kidnapped Lol. H/o reading more.!


yes we love our dogs but nothing like them Swedish (i think that’s the country)!!!

awesome turtle!!![quote=“anon84763962, post:1, topic:83042”]
We were really confronted by the homelessness in America
this is more on the west coast than where I live!!!

Cincinnati…reds…my internet friend is from Cincinnati and is a reds fan!!!

sweet!!! hippies!111111111

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The eiffel tower was in Vegas! Near the bus stop! We got to see so many different countries and cities in Vegas … I loved the aesthetic of the NEw York New York casino with the sky scrapers and the statue of liberty.

I’ve got a cold … Mr Turtle caught in in LA and we shared a water bottle at LAX so I picked it up too.

LAX is a madhouse!

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You can get toasted sandwiches here, but usually we put ham cheese and tomato on them. And we only have cheddar cheese and it’s different to the cheddar in America. It’s not as good. My grilled cheese in San Francisco had three different cheeses on it.

Oh and we loved that you can get Dr Pepper and Cherry coke everywhere, you can’t get those drinks in Australia.


Lol one day you gotta check out the real NYC!!! You’re always welcome here…i can get you into my sisters AIRBNB up in the woods for free in a cabin it’s really sweet and relaxing. I live in the city but my sister lives in the country with her husband… I have a big apartment but i think you’d rather stay with them if you ever did decide to visit the EAST coast of the USA!!!. My sister has had guests from ALL over but I don’t think any Australians!!!..yet!

LAX I imagine is a madhouse, but so is the two NYC airports.

I’ve never been to LA, Las Vegas or San Fran. Those are 3 cities I wanna go to. Have been to Portland though!!! We have that as a common location. There were cool statues there too I thought in the parks.

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Portland siblings we are! Go brother! High five!

I’d love love love to see the east coast! We also want to go to New Orleans and Memphis!

I want to eat a slice of pizza in New York and I REALLY want to go to Brooklyn, Beastie Boys!

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Lol Biggie, Jay-z, tupac originally, big daddy kane, mos def, talib kweli, etc… etc… etc…

I actually live 5 minutes from what was voted the “Best pizza in the world” One year. Pepes pizza!!! But it’s not the original location. The original location is in New Haven and I live in Bridgeport.

I used to hang in Brooklyn with my friend Will, he lived in my hometown AND in Brooklyn and i’d go visit him Brooklyn. Crooklyn! Haha!

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That’s the post of the day! Congratulations on everything turtle.

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Thanks @everhopeful :blush: So good to be back home with Tiggy, he has been so cuddly this morning!

Our toilet is broken though … it’s all backed up because tree roots are growing in the underground pipes! We have to wait til sometime today for the plumber to come out … boo, bad home coming.

Missed you!

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Congratulations @anon84763962 everyone was asking about you and wondering how you were :smile:
Glad you are safe, happy and married now! so happy to hear :smiley:

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I’m so glad you had an awesome trip! Your wedding donuts are adorable! I had no idea grilled cheese was an American thing. I felt sure that everyone all over the world had them. They’re my favorite comfort food, and the only meal Mr. Star can make.


Is that you Karen?

Thanks for your message! It means a lot to me!

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I’d be happy is Mr Turtle could make them! I’d have him cook them every night and I’d be MASSIVE! But it would totally be worth it!


yes! yes ! yes! :smiley:

You are welcome and welcome back :smiley:

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Man Mr. star is a skilled chef!!! I can cook a good amount…but dunno how to cooked grilled cheese :confused: Well I’ve never tried. usually i get them at diners. I think my mom has cooked them a couple times but never as good cuz she doesn’t use enough butter lol.

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Congratulations on Everything @anon84763962!
Glad that you liked the States and had a good time!
Welcome Back! :slight_smile:

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Lol it’s not like complex ingredients. It’s the simplest sandwich on earth!!! You can have them just use a lot of butter lol.

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It’s the cheese though, we don’t get the same good cheddar here in Australia.

Oh man … even the airline food was good. We flew Air New Zealand and got AMAZING prices for our flights! I highly recommend Air NZ they’re great!

Hey @Goyankees, how have you actually been? It’s great, but at the same time a little concerning to see you back on the forum!

Thanks @Wave, missed you!

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I was in IOP the whole time off the forum. Then I quit IOP because it was taking it’s toll on me. I’m doing good. But I felt I needed extra support network when I finished IOP.

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