Babies Crying and Dogs Barking

Most often when I’m tired but sometimes when I’m wide awake, I’ll hear babies crying and dogs barking. It’s actually pretty terrifying. What do you hear when you hallucinate? (voices excluded, I mean specifically sounds).


I hear people crying for help like they stuck in a goldmine. sux


I hear a loud buzzing. I think it’s always there (it’s buzzing right now on a low level), but when I’m tired/stressed it gets almost unbearably loud and there’s a physical pressure to it pressing on my skull.
In “real life” I can’t stand the sound of a baby crying. Dogs barking is annoying too but a baby crying is the worst. Makes the hair on the back of my neck go up. I’m sorry you hear that.


Yeah, it makes the hair on my neck stand up, too.

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Neighbours knocking on walls trying to harass me.

I’m much better on this medication. And where I live now. It’s very peaceful here.

I’ll add: rummaging through my kitchen this is usually at night which scares the **** out of me cause I think a burglar is in my house. But no matter how hard I look I can’t find them.

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I hear everything from radio static to people talking. But the ones that bother me most are dogs yelping and people laughing (if a joke wasn’t just told) everytime i hear those i get scared.

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i sometimes hear crying or drowning people screaming for help…

I hear whispers mostly, but I also hear doors open and shut, music that’s just barely unidentifiable, knocking on doors, phones ringing, I hear baby crying when my daughter isn’t in sight, but I think that’s PPA and not sz related.

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What does this stand for?

I sometimes hear muffled screaming.
Sounds horrific.
Like an Alien screaming in pain.

Door knocking
Door bell
Whispering outside etc…

PPA=postpartum anxiety

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Music, mostly opera and classical. Most hallucinations are gone now. but some pop up unfrequently

Music, people talking, people walking behind me. I mostly don’t have these anymore either.

Loud screetching-buzzing-ringing like a loud frequency pitch eeeeeeeee. Usually in one ear someotime one than the other. Checked for tinnitus but it was negative.

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I used to hear dogs barking too, I also heard kids screaming “Hey!” distantly, as well as whispers, doors shutting, distant music.
When I first started Vraylar, I’d hear people screaming when I woke up from sleep.

I hear everything coming into my right ear, but the buzzing is so pervasive that it fills and surrounds my skull when it’s bad.
I didn’t know there was a test for tinnitus. I think because the buzzing falls into the same category for me as the voices (a clear sound that does not have a physical source) I never told my regular doctor about it.
It’s similar to a migraine when it’s bad, not painful but overwhelming.

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