Acetycholine and autoimmune disorders

Anybody else out there have other autoimmune issues? I’ve also had rosacea and thyroid problems. I’m seeing a neurologist, he’s testing me for acetycholine antibodies. I may also have myasthesia gravis. Anyone else had this type of testing? I’ve read that if your acetycholine levels are messed up, it can cause psychosis. I get SZ after I ride my bike all summer, like on long bike tours, 150+ miles on a weekend. Yay for me!

check out

I take gpc alpha once every week, it kind of improves my symptoms, and i notice that i dont urinate quickly, i take it as experimental purpose, no doctor has told me to take it.

interesting! thank you :slight_smile: I will talk to my doctor. He is testing me for myasthesia gravis as well. I have a muscle in my eye which is also problematic. I would be nervous that if my immune system doesn’t like the existing acetycholine in my body, my immune system would be very upset if I took an acetycholine pill and I’d get sick from the pill, make sense? Waiting for my labs to come back on this. Thank you!