Autism and psychosis

I think my only problem is autism despite ive been diagnosed with psychosis

I am not high functioning even though I can do math 2-3 grade levels above my age, just gifted but mid functioning

I am not low functioning either but id like to correct false beliefs about low functioning autism:
most are intellectually disabled yes but they can understand you and even write if taught to do that
most cant talk yeah but they communicate in other ways even if you dont understand them…

psychosis in autism.pdf (161.0 KB)

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I was the same. Try and keep it up, and don’t give up like I did and lose these abilities

I think I’m autistic. I can’t keep a conversation going to save my life. It really sucks. I can’t have any friends or a girlfriend because I can’t make conversation about anything.

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I am the same but my problem is severe negative symptoms. Actually negative symotoms can be more disabling than autism. I would happily trade my negative symptoms with autism lol

I stay in bed all day everyday, only get up to eat. In bed I am either sleeping or on this forum. I live with my parents and they do everything even getting my pills. I can’t pay them, I can’t get disability money bcz I live with my parents.

You’re going to have to try and get your health providers to help you, as you clearly need more support - as opposed to spending your life rotting in bed.

Been there, and done that, and moved on. You need to try and solve the puzzle that’s personal to you to get out of these habits, and you will improve your quality of life, which is important

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You could try going for a walk each day. Preferably in nature. Could do you some good.

I have tried, my psychiatrist hooked me with a social worker but I didn’t answer her call. I am not motivated and affraid at the same time. Maybe one day I will be motivated and not affraid…

I prefer walking at home, I started doing it recently a couple days a week with a step counter, its slightly helping.

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I would encourage you to seek treatment from relevant professionals if it’s on offer whether you like it or not.

I had to do that with therapy. I still hate it and not motivated to engage in it fully, but you need to force yourself to do more if you are going to get past this

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I think a claim could be made that severe (level 3) ASD is more disabling than having moderate symptoms of psychosis. The hardest thing for me has been ‘You can do x ,so FFS you can surely do y’ . That’s the kind of negative judgement you get from people who believe ability in one area is always closely matched by ability in another area. You are more likely to be seen as lazy and/or passive aggressive than someone whose ability can significantly differ depending on the task that needs to be done.

I can do far better participating on this forum , than I do off of it . That’s because forum participation plays to my strengths.


I think like that when unmedicated or when meds are not fully working. Its like if I am trying to put life into equations which I am sure is a delusion due to schizophrenia.

Well I agree with that but I’m level 2 myself so I think psychosis is worse

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