Australia day


yes this is our national day, when we decorate our selves in the australian flag, we put the australian flag on our utes’ ,our cars’, we have stubby holders in our flags colours, we put up big australian flags on flag poles next to our house ! just in case we forgot what country we are in !
we wash our mullets and rat tails to spruce our selves up, and put on our best thongs, got to look your best !
we have barbies and drink to much , and spew every where and then pass out !
we then play cricket and watch the fire works at the harbour bridge !
of course the aboriginal people call it ’ invasion day ’ , as the english had no right to claim soveriegnty !
the new australians massacred , murdered, tortured and brought illness to the aborigial population !
took their lands without payment !
aahhh it is good to call myself australian , no blood on our hands ! happy australia day !
take care


Happy Australia Day! Sorry about the murder, torture and illness brought to the aborigial population. We did that too here in America with the Native Americans.


It must be why it’s the US’s fourth of July. What does the date itself commemerate?


It’s called Independence Day, because it’s the day we declared independence from the U.K.


it 's the day captain cook landed in botany bay , australia and arrogantly proclaimed without any ego that this land was now part of the british empire.
" long live the queen hoooraaay and all her inbred children ! "
take care


Yeah, and here we thought lunacy to was confined to America :wink:


I know that, I meant that question about Australia. Funny misunderstanding.



Yeah nationalism is a problematic thing! Look what happened to Germany!

Australia is an interesting nation. For years only white people were allowed to immigrate to it and that wasn’t so cool!
There was also slave labour involved although not on the scale of the America’s…Queensland had slave labourers from the pacific islands!

It’s nothing to be proud about but there are some things which are things to consider positive. Health, although sadly declining, is a better thing here than the America’s…I lived there a couple of years so I know how healthcare and such things are! so…

Australia/ Invasion day…it’s a mixed thing. I think it’s worthy of celebration because we’ve done some good thing as a nation! We have done some terrible things when it comes to human rights…that isn’t good!

Me. I’m like five generations Aussie one side, German and schizophrenic links on the other! That is the curious thing…looking at mental health problems in your family tree! There is a genetic component for sure! I ramble1

A friend in the struggle,