At this time I might be able to do it

I have been without any nicotine few days and I feel ok without any withdrawals and without any desire to have nicotine, I believe that at this time I going to get rid of this nicotine habit.


wow, I could never do it cold turkey. I use nicotine gum. keeps my hands and my mouth busy so that really helps. I feel the same comfort from having a sheet of gum as I do a pack of cigarettes.

Nice going man. Persistence wins that battle. Try try again. Someday I’m gonna have to quit too. Hopefully I’ll be able to reverse this schizophrenic curse before then as it is stressful and nicotine is about my only escape.

My nicotine habit started when I once wanted to test how nicotine affects my brain. I bought a pack of nicotine gum and started my experimentation. I suppose I can kick out this habit as fast as I started it. As a result of this experimentation I must conclude I could have been just ok without ever experimenting with nicotine. Nicotine is a powerful and highly addictive substance.

You feel more energy when you don’t smoke. So that in and of itself is reason enough to quit.

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There are tons of reasons to quit, but that is a good one.

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I chew sunflower seeds. david brand. best seeds around. really good to keep busy.

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Now is the time to end your experiment. :expressionless:

Keep up the non smoking
Good luck

Now I have been one week without smoking, I think that I shall stop. I do not have any withdrawals.

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