At any given time, there is someone who doesn't know what they're doing

A lot of people are acting when they are out in public. Lots of "normal’ people are confused too. Of course the dangerous ones are the ones who know EXACTLY what they are doing. Cold and methodical.

I think that most non SZ people have their own issues, usually some kind of neurosis. I am aware now that everyone has problems of some kind. Many non SZ people are knee deep in real world problems and are living a very complicated busy life full of complexities. Overworking, too much socializing, financial difficulties, marital difficulties, dabbling in excessive drinking, bad habits like gambling or overspending - indulging in excess. I mean they seem to be creating a difficult life for themselves. Not all non SZ people are this way, but many are this way. In other words they are human.
I on the other hand try to simplify my life as much as I can. I cannot copy the lifestyle of a non SZ person, I try to do as little as possible for my own sanity. I cannot work and I do not over do things, I try to avoid stressful situations and confrontations or conflict. If I lived the life of my brother who complicates everything, I would be living in an asylum.
But yes I agree, everyone has problems - most problems are self created


I think it depends on what non-Sz person your trying to compare to.

If I’m trying to compare myself to someone like my non-sz sister? No… I can’t keep up with the little hurricane. But I can see that behind the volunteer work, and the job, the good grades, the solid future goals… she’s having a very hard time getting over the 17 to 18 year old hump and has a lot of problems of her own. She just doesn’t have a label but she’s struggling none the less.

If I’m comparing myself to my 30 year old non-Sz, self professed “slacker” cousin who is proud to be a slacker, still lives in his Mom’s/ my Aunt’s basement and spends all his time doing online gaming and is perfectly happy with his seasonal job at the ski lift… then I’m ahead. I have more going on then this non-sz guy.


Hey J - I cannot keep up or attempt to keep up with the average non SZ person like my brother or sister in law, I am talking about generalities here. Besides many non SZ people can bounce back if they should stumble, it is not so easy for me to do this- I go at my own pace

I know I did, pretty much my whole like until I got Dx’d at 32 years old. I know I wasn’t normal and it took all I could muster to keep the “normal” behavior up until I got home.
Funny that I was considered normal back then, even though I’m the same inside as I was then.