Assessment draws near-nervous


The assessment draws near(Wednesday) . Anxiety levels are rising. Going through major doubts as to whether I’ll meet the criteria. I certainly don’t think I’m neurotypical , but am more doubtful about being on the spectrum.

Am second guessing why the pdoc put me forward for an assessment. Would it be par for the course for any patient where the subject of ASD is raised, or would the pdoc have to have some level of belief you are on the spectrum to put you forward for an assessment?



Whey they had me assessed it was so they could formally add Asperger’s to my diagnosis (this was just before ASD became the trendy name).

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Which do you prefer ASD or Asperger’s ?



I just call myself an “Aspie” in the interest of efficiency. “On the spectrum” is too much work.

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Reply from the National autistic society forum.

And yes, a referral for even the initial assessment will not be accepted, unless the referrer can provide enough evidence to suggest the person may very well be on the spectrum.



Have my fingers crossed for you mate. Hopefully this leads to the restoration of some benefits for you.


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The benefit situation is more down to government policy and a less than honest assessor.

They stopped a component worth over £60 a week (Severe disability premium) when people went on Universal credit due to change of circumstance(In my case moving address). The government have promised to scrap that decision and restore the component but are taking their time over it.

I’ve applied for a Mandatory reconsideration re not getting the mobility component for Personal independence payment after the government’s decision to review all mental health claims for it still said I wasn’t eligible based on the evidence they have.

That evidence was based on the assessor dishonestly saying I just needed prompting for unfamiliar journeys whereas my brother , who was with me, had stated I needed someone physically with me. My stepdaughter provided a supporting letter to go with the MR. MR was sent off in November but I’m still waiting for a decision.


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I hope it all works out for you. Could squares breathing help if you do it before you go to your assessment?



I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling really nervous about your assessment @firemonkey.

I hope everything turns out okay for you.

Take care.



I think it’s the usual anxiety over the unknown. Am always prone to fearing the worst. Then there’s whole thing of being quizzed by strangers.



If that’s of any comfort, I don’t think your being anxious during the interview will skew the results. They should be used to dealing with nervous patients.

Anyway good luck! I hope something good comes out of it!


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