Aspirations drama

My partner just said we won’t work because I want to be healthy and happy and he wants to be rich and I said I didn’t care about being rich :joy:

Like sorry that it’s not an aspiration for me, this is worrying for me as we have a child on the way and he’s being flakey . Excellent

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i feel kind of the same i rather live my life and be a little happy than be rich buying everything just because i have the money its always nice to have a little extra money in case something happens tho

Yeah of course, I’d rather put all my focus into making sure I can provide a positive, healthy, happy start for my little one!

Money helps but it’s not the be all and end all haha :frowning:


when are you going to have the baby

Not until September, halfway through my pregnancy !

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He can be rich as long as he is beneath me in any possible regard.

Who cares about being rich :unamused::unamused::unamused: more important things in life

I agree being happy and healthy are more important but why can’t you be rich as well?

Being comfortable money-wise should be the aim - anything more is a bonus. I far prefer donating to charity than being obsessed with saving. Life’s too short to be overly focused on becoming rich

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Well exactly lol, but because I said I didn’t really care about being rich, he said we aren’t going to work out anymore. My aspiration is Heath and happiness and his is being rich! :expressionless: which is fine but why say we can’t work out anymore

Yeah you can definitely do all three. I agree with Raffa up there about being financially comfortable. There’s no use being rich without th other happiness or health to enjoy it. And it’s proven that being healthy is the best way to be happy

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Exactly, rather be comfortable and happy over being rich and miserable!
As they say, money doesn’t buy happiness!


I would trade all of my money for peace of mind.
There is nothing more important than good health and mental health is definitely included in that category

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Good luck with your little one! wish you good health!!!

depending on where you live, financial security is crucial for a newborn baby to have a happy life and feel safe.
Hope you have what you need!