Do you want to be wealthy

I want to be wealthy. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy.


I just want to not be poor.


I want health and a good work ethic. That way I can make and keep wealth.

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To not have to worry about money would be great.

Unfortunately I was not born into wealth like some people are, so I will have to earn my way through life.

I hope things will be ok, but who knows what mess we’ll be in if Covid kicks off again (Here at least)


Ummm. How about… Yes!


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of course, i want a ski condo in colorado and to live the life of a playboy lol.


Yeah, for sure. I even have a plan for it all. It’s unlikely to work. But as long as I have no sz I am happy (so far I’ve been a year, nearly two - almost free of it, so I’m happier)


I am. It’s just not in terms of having a lot of money. Truly someone says to me what would you do if you had lots of money? In honesty I’d keep doing what I do now. Sure I’d be more comfortable but it wouldn’t really affect my life in any profound ways…

For me that makes my life pretty wealthy as it is. Money would be nice but I have no hold over money and it doesn’t have much of a hold on me so I came into this world with nothing and that is how I plan to leave it…if I can go out naked too I’d be very happy. :slight_smile:


A pleasurable job is first priority, money is a bonus.

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I don’t care to be wealthy, I have everything I need – I just want true love and some cash in my pocket and a nice car :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would love to be wealthy. I would shop all the time and gamble. I would buy gifts for everyone I know and give them gifts all the time. Just things they need and little niceties. I would live in a Hotel. I love Hotels. I would go to the pool and swim everyday and hot tub. I would eat the freshest salads everyday from the best chefs with fancy dressings and toppings. I would have a personal trainer to help me workout and keep me motivated. I would get massages for my neck everyday so I could get rid of these headaches. I would make sure my kids had nice houses close by so I could see them often. I would take care of my ex and my sister’s expenses too and send a bunch of money to my brothers.
I would make sure my Aunties had everything they needed and wanted. I would donate money to animal charities for the care of homeless animals. I would arrange a get together with some of my girlfriends I haven’t seen in years for a week long spa trip.


No, but I just want to be self-sufficient.

I feel like I need to be healthy instead of wealthy because Life matters more than gold.

Sometimes the idea appeals to me, but other times I feel like I could happily live in my current situation until the end.

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I am so happy with all I have now.
I truly appreciate all I have.

But to be wealthy would be awesome too.

Not have to save up for car registration and insurance.
Not have to save up for things and not not be able to afford things.

I would have a facelift , boob job , tummy tuck .

I would stay at expensive great quality hotels sometimes .

I would give some to charity and I would open a animal sanctuary.

I would get more tattoos and not have to save up for each one.

I would fly first class and sleep in my own cabin.

I would maybe go on holidays all over the world.

I would offer my x money to take me back.

Or find someone who cares about the environment n animals.

I would get driving lessons to become more independent.

I would do a lot for the environment and for animals.

I would help out loved ones if they needed it as such.

Buy a place in the country side in Sweden and let my friend live there for free if he maintains it and let’s me stay there when I come on holidays.

I’m so grateful for everything I have and I say thank you regularly for all I have but to afford things like that without having to save up for it etc would be fun.

I will never afford to buy a house now.
I’m on the pension but I am so grateful for my pension.
Getting the pension is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I buy my food from a Christian organisation that cooks ready meals so although I’m not a Christian I appreciate the Christians and I support some of their organisations.

I would buy a place where I used to live in the country side in sa.
Or move back with my x if he would have me.

I would buy realestate and maybe live a bit here and visit often there.

I would be more independent in a way.

I would go for regular facials and massages etc

I would have a pool, spa and sauna in all my real