As Alice would say, "My job keeps getting curiouser and curiouser."

I just finally learned something about my janitor job. I go in three days a week and punch in and my supervisor assigns me a job. When I go in every morning I brace myself for whatever they ask.

I psyche myself up, pump myself up. It’s an old habit from my truck unloading years. I mean when you take a bus for an hour and a half and then you know you’re going to walk in at 8:30 am and immediately start lifting heavy boxes as fast as you can for the next four hours you have to prepare yourself. That’s what I did four years and was pretty good at it.

But this past 6 months they assign me my task for the afternoon and it just keeps being easy. I don’t know what I’m expecting but another aspect is that my supervisors think what they tell me to do all the time is some hard, strenuous difficult work like I’m going to complain about (which I never do).

About the only task I really don’t like is sweeping and mopping the lobby. It’s out in the open with people strolling by which is distracting and there’s all these little corners to sweep and mop. But when the boss says vacuum the auditorium and almost acts like I’m going to complain or get mad, I’m actually telling myself, “Halleluiah, I get to vacuum the auditorium!”. The auditorium is a huge room with tier seating and podiums where the soldiers have classes and meetings and lectures.

I like it because the lights aren’t bright, I’m alone in a huge room for a couple of hours, I have my system down for how to vacuum it and it just ain’t hard at all and I can take my time. One of my favorite jobs. Or the boss will have me do trash in the warehouse, another plumb job. That’s just emptying wastebaskets and half the offices are locked and empty anyways and it’s just pushing a trash can on wheels around and emptying no more than ten or 15 wastebaskets.

The warehouse is quiet and mostly empty and they have a vending machine with Rock Star drinks and similar drinks.
that I always look forward to.

Or vacuuming the gym ain’t bad. It used to be a royal pain in the ass. It isn’t huge, but it used to be crammed with too many treadmills and exercise machines and shelves with weights and benches. It created too many nooks and cranny’s and difficult and awkward places to reach. But about 6 or 7 months ago they took half that stuff out and now there’s a lot more open space and breathing room. So it’s not hard.

Cleaning drinking fountains is easy. My boss thinks I hate it but it’s easy and relaxing too. And so on.

I just realized lately that there are jobs they ask us to do like vacuuming and cleaning restrooms that take effort but those are only one day a week and usually on a Friday and the soldiers like to take a long weekend so on Friday it’s just a skeleton crew of them.

But when they ask me to do all these easy tasks, it almost feels like the tasks don’t really need to be done and they are just inventing something for me to do. I think that’s about 10% of it but the other 90% is that someone has to do it.

Anyways, it’s a new development in the janitorial saga, I can sure get used to it fast.


The supervisors probably see you as an equal and (sort of) a friend and therefore don’t feel right asking you to do ‘menial’ work. It’s understandable. Most people don’t feel right lording it over others.

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I bet loads of other people complain about those jobs. It might be a good idea to let your bosses know which jobs you like best, because they’ll probably give you those ones more often.


People who work without supervision are rare and wonderful, I think your bosses probably appreciate that you are mature and reliable.


You evidently do a good job bc they don’t stand over you.

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