Artwork "interdito"

I don´t have forces to continue my artwork aymore, I did it by myself and I know it is not good.
I can not have a teacher nor access to many books and lessons. And now I dont even own a keyboard anymore. I am getting old fast. Everything was meaningless in my little art journey. I think I am pessimist and art don`t flow like before. Perhaps I may get inspired seeing the art of other people with schizophrenia who never gave up…

we all have our up’s and down’s it is normal even for those not afflicted with sz.
give your self time your inspiration might just come back, that is how it works for me.
hope you are feeling better today.
take care

I started a book about two years ago and I’m near to finishment. It’s been hell. (I had wanted to be a writer since before this happened, however, and that motivation is helping)

don’t worry about the age, or getting old part I think, because each thing is a new platform.