Finished sunset painting


Please enjoy



your art is really great. Did you go to art school?

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No, I wish I had some formal training; at the point in my life where I could have chosen to go to art school I was convinced by influences in my life that i would never make a living on art, so i abandoned my dreams and sought out work that was more socially acceptable at the time. I have regretted it ever since. But to answer your question I am self taught.



Well you’re pretty good. There was an elite art program at my high school and your work is comparable to theirs, especially given the fact that you do your sketches during a lunch break and not over a semester. The works from the girls (all girls practically in art at my high school) was polished but they had sooo much time to perfect their drawings and paintings.

Maybe try picking your favorite sketches and working really hard on them? That’s what I do when I draw- they start out like an Art I high school student’s poo and then if I like them they end up pretty detailed and have life to them. I have lots of sketches from when I was not on meds. I churned 3 a day out while listening to metal, I colored and shaded a few. They’re mostly my ancestors as warriors in different time periods, from 1200’s to the 2400’s. They all look quite similar to me. I don’t know why I felt compelled to do that, but I have a sketchbook full of them and nude realistic sketches of myself when I was in the early stages of my onset. I would draw three of me juxtaposed next to eachother in a line, at the time I thought I had split personality, but now I know that if you think you have split personality, you can’t have it. -I had schizophrenia I later found out.

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When I am drawing a piece to completion I will start with pencil and keep refining my drawing until I am happy with it. However due to issues in my life I haven’t had much time to sit down and do that sort of work. This painting was for Mother’s Day and got priority over other things but the lunch break sketches are just whatever i can do with 15-20 min and a pen. I am pleased you think so highly of my work though, I see many things I need to improve but I am getting better every day. One day I may be able to realize my dream of making a living doing what I love… art.



Keep at it! It is great to see someone being creative and constructive. It brightens my day to see your lunch break sketches and paintings. Do you mind if I ask what your job is and how well your symptoms are being controlled? I am curious because when I was creative, I was 99% not sane. Now on meds I cant draw â– â– â– â–  without using how-to guides but I am 99% sane.

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I would say I am 99% not sane. And unmediated. I work as a software developer for a background screening company. And I have been struggling a lot with psychosis lately. Many of those lunch break sketches resemble how i feel on those days. And there is plenty more i suffer that I dare not attempt to sketch because I do not wish to be reminded of it.



That is exactly what I hope my art does for people… brighten their day. That is the best compliment and payment I could ever receive.



I really like it too. You did a really good job at blending the colors in the sunset, and the two birds in the middle are sweet. I wish I could get myself to draw something too.

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Wow. yeah I’ve been there, like I said I churned out sketches while I was unmedicated. I highly functioned though, just like you. I won’t preach meds to you, that’s your choice…but I will say that the newest atypicals work like miracle pills for some people, me included.

But I dunno, you could have tried every drug on the market. Stay strong. Sorry to preach meds.

Keep on being awesome!

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Gorgeous! Have you ever thought about selling your drawings on Etsy?

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Do you think people would buy them?



I love the colours, well just love it general really :)!

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Thank you @Dante13 ! I am pleased you enjoy it.



<3 I enjoyed your painting. Please keep sharing more!!

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Thank you! @StarryNight I absolutely will.

Please check out my instagram for more: Click Here



Awesome!! I followed you.

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**You never know…people do sell a lot of artwork on there. Maybe just check out other artists first. Give it a shot! Its fun to look through all that original artwork. Fun to see yours on there as well. **

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5/28 lunch break sketch