Artificial sweeteners are toxic to digestive gut bacteria: study


I grew up with a mom that refused to use anthing non/low fat or artificial sweeteners. She’s a smart lady.

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Whenever I consume an artificial sweetener I get an immediate headache. Not sure how common that is but needless to say I avoid them like the plague.

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Both my mom and brother get a sudden severe headache after consuming the artificial sweetener Aspartame.
my mom can use Splenda without problems, but only that one.

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The lazy twats who wrote the article can’t be bothered to list which six sweeteners. CNBC for sloppy, click-bait journalism.

In the article it says

tested the toxicity of aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, neotame, advantame, and acesulfame potassium-k.

I stand corrected!

Damn it, I’m just off this morning.

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